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10 Alternate Endings For The Show, According To Reddit

With a teaser hinting at Michelle Trachtenberg’s reprisal as Georgina in the Gossip Girl reboot season 2, fans cast an eye towards and celebrate the original series that started it all. Even though Gossip Girl was based on the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar, the show took on a life of its own and had a thrilling finale that nobody saw coming.

Dan turned out to be the nefarious Gossip Girl, yet he inexplicably ended up with It Girl Serena whom he had tortured for years. Lily ended up with William, and Chuck and Blair finally tied the knot after Blair figured out her career path for the rest of her life. Redditors loved and hated the finale in equal measure, and many of them came up with alternate endings that made a little more sense than the show’s actual ending.


Eric Was Gossip Girl

Dan’s scandal of being Gossip Girl didn’t sit well with most viewers, who found the whole twist to be nonsensical. Gossip Girl had messed with both Serena and Jenny, who were dear to him, so this Machiavellian Dan was unexpected and didn’t add up.

TemporaryDrama felt that Eric should have been the treacherous blogger, since he was young, in the know, and always in the background of everything that happened. They said “IMO Eric makes more sense as GG considering he was Serena’s brother and therefore had the inside scoop.”

Dan And Blair Were Endgame

Gossip Girl‘s wealthy characters tended to stick together, but Redditors desperately wanted the unusual but healthy pairing of Dan and Blair to be endgame, instead of Chuck and Blair. SydneyRae09 said “In reality, they definitely made more sense. They actually became friends first instead of rushing into a relationship.”

Dan and Blair came from different sides of town, yet they had the same interests in art and literature and brought out the best in each other. If they ended up together, it would have been the perfect fairytale for both of them.

Serena Chose Nate And Left Dan Alone

Nate and Serena were one of the best teen couples of the 21st century, which was why it was disappointing to see that they didn’t end up together. The show started with how they had a forbidden love because of his relationship with Blair, so it would have been satisfying to see them finally be with each other for good.

Cecyvalsant said that Nate “… Was in love with her since the beginning,” and that Dan should have lived up to his title of Lonely Boy and stayed alone forever.

Lily And Rufus Stayed Married

To make Dan and Serena more palatable, the legendary couple that was Rufus and Lily were broken up, and in an alternate reality, fans would want them to stay together. They had the “destined to be together” quality, and their divorce seemed forced.

Eshaab5116 opined “All of that development just for them not to end up together was the worst,” which was true. The Rufus and Ivy plot should have been done away with, and him and Lily should have patched up.

Serena Moved To LA

If it were up to Redditor Askskskdjdjsjs, they would take Serena far away from her friends, who were toxic for her. They said “California fits her personality better than NYC ever will. Also, just get her away from the main gang, please.”

Serena should have moved back to LA and stayed there as a film producer instead of trying to stick it out in New York. She should have also been single because if anybody needed a break from awful men and bad relationships, it was Serena.

Blair, Jenny And Chuck, Dan Stay Friends

While romance ruled the roost in Gossip Girl, Redditors wish that the fleeting glimpses of friendship that they were offered in the show had stayed through to the end. They theorize that if Jenny and Chuck had not happened, Blair and her could have been great friends.

Even Dan and Chuck’s friendship was rather special and should have continued beyond the finale. Eshaab5116 thought “…As a friendship, that could’ve been a cool development from where they started”

Vanessa Was Gossip Girl

Fans continue to theorize about who else could have been the notorious Gossip Girl, apart from Dan, and Vanessa emerges as the next most probable candidate. Just like Dan, she fulfilled the criteria of being an outsider, who managed to get in for a short while, and had a reason to hold a grudge as the Upper East Side gang shunned her.

Tasman_Tiger exclaimed, “Vanessa as GG makes too much sense!” She was close enough to all the gossip, yet had no alliances with anybody, so she could be as ruthless as GG was.

Dan Moved On From UES To London

After being socially battered in the Upper East Side society by both Serena and Blair, Redditors thought Dan should have packed up after the success of his novel and moved to London to be with Jenny and dominate their own business empires. Nobody could really match up to Blair for Dan, and that would be why he leaves.

GanryuZT said that Dan would “become a successful and famous writer/fashion designer duo with his sister… He finally lost all of his obsession with the UES.”

Ivy Found A Family

Besides the main characters, Redditors also wanted happy endings for side players, who were largely wronged and forgotten for the rich kids to get their happy endings with each other.

Askskskdjdjsjs wished for Ivy to find the familial feeling she longed for. “She gets away from the main gang and finds a family (preferably a poor one that she can’t con), because she does deserve love,” they said.

Blair Worked At The W

After years of trying to find her purpose, Blair finally settled into her mother’s designer label, which she spearheaded for her after a couple of failures on her part. But some Redditors believe that Blair’s arc as an intern at W should have been longer, perhaps setting her up for something more.

Some fans believe that Blair could have paved her own path and worked towards becoming the Editor of W, which was a coveted post to have. BenConners12 suggested it “Would have made the Blair at W plot line a lot larger. That was such a perfect fit for her as a job.”

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