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ACNH’s Bob Gets Detective Pikachu Makeover In Creepy Fan Art

A highly detailed piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan art takes cues from Detective Pikachu to bring the lazy cat villager Bob to life.

A piece of realistic Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan art brings the cat villager Bob to life in a style reminiscent of Detective Pikachu. Since its first installment Nintendo’s social simulation series has introduced fans to a colorful cast of anthropomorphic neighbors, including iconic figures like Tom Nook and Isabelle. 2019’s Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu rendered the monster collection franchise’s creatures in a realistic style, and now a fan has given Bob from Animal Crossing: New Horizons the same treatment.


The endlessly lazy cat villager Bob has appeared in every Animal Crossing installment, including the series’ newest entry New Horizons. With an eternally sleepy expression and a penchant for naps, Bob has become a fan-favorite neighbor due to his repeated appearances and fun personality. Bob is also well-known as the first Animal Crossing villager ever envisioned, as indicated by his January 1 birthday and simplistic character design. While Bob’s home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons cannot be customized in the base game, the Happy Home Paradise DLC lets players create unique setups like bringing the Bob’s Burgers restaurant to Animal Crossing with Bob as the titular owner.

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A breathtaking piece of photorealistic fan art, created by Reddit user samoan99, brings Animal Crossing’s Bob into the real world using a style similar to Detective Pikachu. The 2019 film saw the Electric Mouse Pokémon, and multiple other pocket monsters, rendered in realistic detail. Now Bob has followed suit, with the lazy feline’s pink fur being masterfully recreated by samoan99 alongside his cartoonishly large cat eyes and casual Hawaiian shirt. While some Reddit commentors suggest that the realistic Bob art is uncanny, others consider the piece to be exceptionally detailed and even adorable to behold.

While many seem to consider the realistic Bob fan art cute, a piece of realistic Detective Pikachu-style Gengar fan art is undeniably creepy. The dark Shadow Pokémon is known for its disturbing sneer and love of mischief, and bringing the Pokémon to life makes it even more unsettling. The fan art is exceptionally accurate, capturing Gengar’s purple fur and dark red eyes in great detail, and the creature’s massive razor-sharp teeth would make it a terrifying encounter for even the most seasoned Pokémon Trainer.

Detective Pikachu managed to successfully bring various Pokémon to life on the big screen, including the titular Mouse Pokémon, without making them look goofy or terrifying. The Animal Crossing fan art created by samoan99 attempts to give Bob the same treatment, with the lazy villager coming to life in all his fluffy feline glory. With the success of this fan-made project, perhaps Nintendo should consider creating an Animal Crossing movie as a follow-up to Detective Pikachu.

Source: samoan99/Reddit

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