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Berserk Has A Chance To Rectify Its Worst Arc

Extraneous circumstances in Berserk chapter 368 will likely force Guts and his troupe back onto the sea. Hopefully it will be better than last time.

Spoilers ahead for Berserk chapter 368!

With Elfhelm falling to its original demonic lords, Berserk‘s heroes will be forced to flee and embark on another sea voyage, a development that Studio Gaga could use as a learning experience to create more captivating adventures than the last time Guts and his troupe sailed across the ocean.

Before the original mangaka Kentaro Miura’s untimely death, the legendary creator only made one underwhelming arc, which transpired during Guts’ voyage towards Elfhelm to cure Casca’s near catatonic state. Some saving graces did indeed occur, however, like the sudden appearance of the Moonlight Boy whose presence has always been readily welcomed by fans whenever he sparingly shows up. Guts’ battle against the Sea God was also pivotal since he was almost soundly defeated, and many fans found it hard to imagine that Guts would ever escape alive during the scene’s darkest moments.


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After so many disappointing chapters, readers undoubtedly rejoiced when Guts and his crew finally dropped anchor at their destination on Skellig Island. But as of chapter 368 of Berserk by Studio Gaga, it’s clear that they will be forced to disembark sooner rather than later. Gelatinous demons are now swarming throughout the island, leaving nothing but the bones of those who were unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. Moreover, there are so many of these monsters flooding Elfhelm that even Skull Knight is having trouble holding them back and doesn’t have the means to fight them off while protecting others.

Of course, Guts was already going to leave the island anyway even before the arrival of the demon blobs when it was assumed in the previous chapter that Griffith had successfully whisked Casca off to the capital city of Falconia. But the overwhelming number of blobs could likely expedite their departure if the island is overtaken. Regardless, Guts and his crew will have to leave Elfhelm at some point to save Casca. And the only way to do so is to cross the sea, where arguably the series’ worst moments have taken place. Aside from a few saving graces, many of these chapters felt like filler. Many of them involved one of Berserk‘s few annoying characters, the pirate Bonebeard, who gives off the same embarrassingly ridiculous vibes as the Golden Age’s egregious General Adon Coborlwitz of the Blue Whale Knights. After first meeting him on land, they later sailed into him in chapter 288 during their journey across the sea and then a few times later after chapter 309 when the Sea God had already devoured him and made the pirate an extension of itself. Although connected, it felt random that Guts and his crew were later forced to land on an island where that very Sea God lived, making the whole adventure, while entertaining, feel unnecessary and underwhelming.

Now that Guts will soon be disembarking from Skellig Island, Studio Gaga now has a chance to explore Berserk‘s seas much more effectively than before and possibly build upon the last atrocities in a pleasing manner that will in turn justify these earlier moments with Bonebeard and the Sea God.

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