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The Batman 2 Gets Positive Update After Matt Reeves Warner Bros. Deal

A script update for The Batman 2 is given following the announcement of co-writer and director Matt Reeves’ deal with Warner Bros. After many live-action reboots of the orphaned, wealthy comic book hero Batman and DC’s stiff competition in the MCU, Matt Reeves faced an uphill battle with 2022’s The Batman. Despite those factors, the film managed to set itself apart from fan-favorite trilogy The Dark Knight and Marvel’s solo hero films by channeling a noir detective style that worked in the film’s favor. The Batman received praise from critics and fans alike for Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of the character, the film’s take on comic book villain The Riddler, and the darker themes explored in the movie.


Though The Batman was a hit, the future isn’t set in stone for a sequel despite Warner Bros.’ announcement back in April In fact, sequel film The Batman 2 has yet to be greenlit by Warner Bros., since it is still listed as ‘in development.’ This news is especially concerning given the recent tumult when it comes to DC’s film and tv verse, such as the sudden cancellation of Batgirl. Luckily, a promising script update might bring those hoping to see Robert Pattinson return in Reeves’ version of Gotham some relief.

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According to Deadline, Reeves is co-writing The Batman 2 with Mattson Tomlin, and they are still in the process of creating the script, with Robert Pattinson set to return as the titular character. After the success of The Batman, which grossed over $770 million gross on a global scale and achieved critical acclaim, it seems that Warner Bros. is all in on the sequel. This is good news for fans of the hero, particularly due to the mystery surrounding other DC projects, with Bruce Timm, J.J. Abrams, and Matt Reeves’ animated Batman series The Caped Crusader recently receiving the ax at HBOMax.

While the update confirms that the script is still in the works, indicating that the film is moving forward with Reeves and Pattinson, it has recently been made clear that progress is not always enough where DC is concerned. But considering the investment that Warner Bros. is placing in Reeves with their new deal, it is likely that audiences can consider The Batman 2 a sure thing. With all the competition DC is facing from the MCU, the mixed reception of their attempts to create an extended universe with the DCEU, and the controversy surrounding the new Flash film and the shock Batgirl cancellation, DC needs a win. After the popularity of The Batman, it’s wise of them to invest in that franchise and the update that Reeves’ script is in progress is a promising step.

Not much is known regarding the plot of The Batman 2, since the script is still in development. However, with the Joker tease introducing Barry Keoghan at the end of the first film, perhaps the fan-favorite Batman villain will make an appearance in the sequel. One thing is certain; though The Batman 2 is reportedly in the works, Reeves has made it clear that it may be a while before the film is released, saying that he originally created The Batman as a standalone experience and would re-evaluate plans for a sequel based on viewer response. Considering the success of that film, it’s heartening to hear that Reeves is on board to add another chapter to the hero’s story.

Source: Deadline

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