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Jason Momoa Comments On WB’s New 10-Year DC Movie Plan

Aquaman star Jason Momoa comments on Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s talk of a 10-year DC movie plan.

Aquaman 2 star Jason Momoa comments on WB’s ten-year DC movie plan. The future of the DC movie universe suddenly seems very much up in the air after the shock cancellation of the highly-anticpated Batgirl movie. But new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently assured fans that there is a plan in place that covers DC for the next ten years.

What exactly Zaslav’s ten-year plan entails is something that has yet to be revealed. But it’s already assured that the long-awaited sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a big piece of that puzzle. Featuring the return of Momoa as Arthur Curry, the second Aquaman will see a big Justice League re-teaming as it brings Ben Affleck’s Batman back to the DCEU. Unfortunately for fans they’ll have to wait a little longer than expected for Aquaman 2 as its release date was just pushed back to December 2023.


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Aquaman actor Momoa is seemingly himself a major player in the future of the DCEU, given the popularity of the Arthur Curry character. And for his part, Momoa doesn’t seem too concerned about how things will shake out as WB shakes up its DC plans behind new management. Asked recently by THR about Zaslav’s ten-year-plan remarks, Momoa deferred to the higher-ups when it comes to the big behind-the-scenes decisions at Warner Bros. Discovery. “That’s an interesting question,” Momoa said. He added, “I just trust in them to make the right decisions, and I gotta stay in my lane.”

Momoa seems to have a secure place in the DCEU no matter what, so there’s no reason for him to rock the boat by making comments that could be construed as criticism of his bosses at Warner Bros. Discovery. Others have noted however that WB has made sweeping DC plans before, notably in 2014, when the success of Man of Steel inspired them to launch their own MCU-style long-term movie venture. Unfortunately the resulting DCEU came nowhere near matching the MCU in terms of box office success or pop culture impact. In fact, one of the few good things to come out of the DCEU has been the rise of Aquaman as a viable character.

Indeed if the success of the first solo Aquaman movie proved anything, it’s that Aquaman doesn’t need to team up with other superheroes from the DCEU in order to succeed as a movie character. Nevertheless, Batman is returning for Aquaman 2. It’s enough to make fans wonder whether WB and DC really learned the right lessons from their failed DCEU experiment. That question will of course be answered as new DC movies are announced as part of the much-hyped latest ten-year plan. Momoa may trust Zaslav and the others making the calls at Warner Bros. Discovery, but DC fans have all the reason in the world to be skeptical. The shocking decision to shelve Batgirl certainly did nothing to inspire faith.

Source: THR

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