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Sony launches new controllers for PlayStation 5 but you can’t use them yet

Sony has announced a new controller for its PlayStation 5 gaming console. The company has announced the Sony DualSense controller that come with a host of interesting features such as customisable buttons, changeable stick caps and back buttons among other things. In essence, it will enable gamers to customise the controls to suit their gaming experience based on the games that they play. Also Read – Sony says PS VR2 is coming to markets in early 2023

Sony DualSense controller features

Sony’s newly launched DualSense controller come with several interesting features. It has a dedicated Function (or Fn) button that will allow gamers to easily adjust their setup, such as swap between pre-set control profiles, adjust game volume and chat balance, and access the controller profile settings menu, while staying focused on the gamers. The newly launched controller also comes with changeable stick caps and back buttons. Sony says that gamers can pick between three types of swappable stick caps (standard, high dome, and low dome) and two swappable sets of back buttons (half-dome and lever). These back buttons can be configured to be any other button input, which in turn will give users better control over their gaming experience. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock today: Here’s how to pre-order PlayStation 5 gaming console in India

Sony, in a blog post also said that its DualSense controller also features replaceable stick modules. “The DualSense Edge wireless controller retains the signature comfort and immersive experience of the DualSense wireless controller when playing supported games, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, motion controls, and more,” Sony wrote in a blog post. Also Read – Sony PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle is coming to India: Check Price and details

For connectivity, the Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller comes with a USB Type-C braided cable, which the company says uses a connector housing to lock into the controller so it is much less likely to slip out at a crucial moment. The controller comes bundled with a carrying case that keeps the DualSense Edge wireless controller and components organised in one place while allowing users to charge the controller via USB connection.

Sony DualSense controller pricing and availability

Sony has not shared any details regarding the pricing or availability of the DualSense controller. However, the company did say that it will share more details about the controller in the coming months.

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