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Minecraft Streamer Walks To The End Of The World After 2500 Hours

An extremely dedicated Minecraft streamer has spent thousands of hours to become the first player to walk all the way to the edge of the game world.

A Minecraft streamer has achieved an incredible feat by walking all the way to the game world’s edge. The game attracted criticism last month, even prompting the hashtag SaveMinecraft to trend, following a controversial update that added additional moderation features to the game.

The world of Minecraft is enormous. The world is procedurally generated in ‘chunks’ according to an algorithm, which creates a randomized world from an initial seed value. The seed of a Minecraft world can itself be either left up to the game’s randomizer or defined by the player. Each and every seed produces a world that is millions of blocks wide, creating what feels like a near-infinite space to play in. From the spawn point, chunks are generated as the player roams further and further afield, creating a unique tapestry of biomes and cave systems. Some Minecraft world seeds have even become iconic after being featured in update banners or other famous screenshots.


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Now one dedicated streamer has tested its world generation to the very limit. As reported by GamesRadar+, the Twitch streamer Mystical Midget has spent around a year and a half traveling to the very end of a Minecraft world, for a cumulative travel time of over 2500 hours. This is especially impressive as the achievement, walking the full 32 million blocks to the edge of the world, is apparently a world first. Using the 11-year-old 1.7.3 beta version of Minecraft, Mystical Midget’s arrival was also shared on Twitter by Jake Lucky. The video shows Mystical Midget’s game lagging badly as they slowly progress, before the player character ultimately falls through the world entirely and dies. Although a sad end to the toughest of Minecraft achievements, the very nature of the game meant it was unlikely Mystical Midget’s quest would have concluded any other way.

Minecraft’s Far Lands Prove Fatal To All Travelers

Newer versions of Minecraft include a barrier that prevents progress to the furthest edges of the world, known colloquially as the Far Lands. More of a glitch than anything else, the Far Lands are characterized by improperly generated chunks. Players also typically experience severe lag caused by the game struggling to render the world so far from the spawn point. Falling through the world as the game collapses is essentially inevitable. This is why the in-game barrier was implemented; the Far Lands are not a biome that a Minecraft update can fix, so it is easier for the developers to simply wall them off entirely.

This is an amazing achievement for Mystical Midget. Reaching the end of Minecraft‘s map in this way is a world first, and one that is unlikely to be equaled any time soon. Very few Minecraft players will ever seriously attempt this, walking for thousands of hours across the game world, and even fewer will have the perseverance needed to actually complete the journey. And although some might consider simply dying an ignoble end to the tale, pushing Minecraft so far that the world’s physics completely fall apart is still a sight to behold for any Minecraft player.

Sources: GamesRadar+, Jake Lucky/Twitter

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