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The Best Bethenny Frankel Vs Ramona Singer Moments On RHONY

There are many dysfunctional relationships in The Real Housewives franchise, but few come close to Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel’s twisted bond, which was showcased on The Real Housewives of New York City. The pair were constantly fighting and making up throughout the show. Fans loved watching this strange dynamic unfold.

From day one, the very quotable reality stars Bethenny and Ramona weren’t the best of friends. Bethenny would always find ways to outsmart Ramona, and Ramona would find ways to get under Bethenny’s skin. Every time they were together onscreen, it made for entertaining television.


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Their pairing is considered an iconic one in The Real Housewives fanbase. Whether it was Ramona’s attitude toward room delegation on cast trips, or Bethenny’s short threshold for pointless drama, the two never quite saw eye to eye. Some moments stand out, and here they are:

“Mention It All.”

Perhaps one of the most quoted RHONY moments of all time is this blow-up between Bethenny and Ramona, which happened during a visit to Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor in season 9. In a heated discussion, where Ramona was frantically comparing her success to Bethenny’s, the topic of conversation changed to Bethenny’s apparently shameful ways of getting money. Ramona threatened to bring it up, but Bethenny wasn’t fazed by this. She even encouraged Ramona to simply “mention it all.”

“Wow Bethenny, Wow.”

Showing that Ramona and Bethenny are a force to be reckoned with is yet another of the more iconic RHONY quotes. In a heated confrontation in season 10, which got so uncomfortable that Carole Radziwill decided to get up and leave, Ramona went to Bethenny to berate her for not supporting her skincare launch. Instead of going along with Ramona, the rebellious Bethenny skipped the apology, and played her old card of simply sitting and watching the madness unfold. Ramona was stunned when Bethenny walked away, refusing to give her any grace. The camera following her as she walked away, while saying “wow Bethenny, wow” to herself over and over again, has gone down in RHONY history.

The Brooklyn Bridge Talk

It seemed as though Ramona wasn’t so afraid to confront Bethenny early on in RHONY. In season 3, during a quiet stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge, Ramona decided to be open with her thoughts about Bethenny, regarding a story that appeared in the press. Disguising her comments as “help” – to which Bethenny sarcastically noted how warm and loved she felt – Ramona, who’s been accused of hurting the show, wasted no time, telling Bethenny that she had no friends, and that her relationship was doomed to fail.

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Bethenny and Ramona’s love/hate relationship is one that has constantly entertained The Real Housewives of New York City fans, from start to finish. The constant tension and never-quite-resolved feelings between the two of them meant that there was always a new iconic scene or quote, season after season. Their clashing personalities never failed to collide, causing a shocking amount of pure chaos.

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