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All The Signs That 90 Day Fiancé’s Mohamed Wanted a Green Card

Throughout 90 Day Fiancé season 9, fans suspected that Mohamed Abdelhamed only wanted a Green Card, and now, with cheating rumors spreading like wildfire, viewers are sure that he was never in it for the right reasons. A few years ago, Mohamed came across a picture of Yvette Arellano in a bikini on Instagram, and hopped into her DMs. At first, Yve was reluctant to open her heart to Mohamed, considering their age gap, cultural differences, and the fact that he was halfway across the world.


However, Yve took a chance and flew to Egypt to meet the new man who had captured her heart. During their trip, Yve took his virginity and accepted his proposal. The two connected well in Egypt, and Mohamed made her feel comfortable enough to take substantial risks, such as bringing him to the US and letting him meet her son Tharan, who has autism. However, 90 Day Fiancé‘s Mohamed arrival in America proved to be more challenging than Yve anticipated.

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Yve did what she could to make Mohamed comfortable in her environment. She spruced up her home with items that Mohamed would enjoy. She attempted to embrace his culture and learn more, so he would know that she was supportive. Although she wasn’t willing to convert, she was more than willing to make compromises, so Mohamed would feel more comfortable about transitioning between cultures. However, despite Eve’s obvious willingness to improve the relationship, Mohamed had only one thing on his mind: a Green Card.

Mohamed Abdelhamed Didn’t Care About The Wedding

Mohamed didn’t care about the wedding. At first, he appeared to be more of a stereotypical guy, who allowed his soon-to-be wife to plan her dream wedding. However, about halfway through the season, fans learned that 90 Day Fiancé’s Mohamed really didn’t care about his wedding. Amid an intense argument, Yve said that the dream wedding was important to her, to which Mohamed fired back, “That’s your f****** dream. I have another dream.” Closer to the wedding date, Mohammed made a comment about how he would’ve liked to be married in accordance with his faith. However, due to his obvious reluctance, it didn’t seem like he cared about getting married at all.

Probably the brightest red flag of all was Mohamed’s threat to find a new sponsor. In Mohamed’s eyes, Yve was taking her sweet time planning the wedding and putting together his paperwork, which meant that it would take longer for him to work and visit his mother. In a fit of frustration, 90 Day Fiancé’s Mohamed sent Yve a text that claimed he would find another sponsor if she didn’t hasten the process. While the stress of not being able to work or see family can be significant, instead of claiming that he would return to Egypt, he implied that she was replaceable. Viewers are still attempting to understand what that would even entail.

Mohamed Abdelhamed Didn’t Want Children With Yve Arellano

Mohamed never said that he didn’t want children in general. However, he did say that if his kids couldn’t be raised with his faith, then he wasn’t interested in becoming a father. The confusion comes into play when it seems like both partners will expand their families, but Mohamed is holding out because of their cultural differences. Normally, in a marriage, the next step would be to talk about building a family, to ensure that both people are on the same page. 90 Day Fiancé’s Mohamed clearly feels strongly about his faith. With Mohamed still being in his mid-twenties, viewers are assuming that he just doesn’t want children with Yve, and will eventually move on to a woman who will embrace his faith.

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Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some co-stars to have ill intentions when they enter into relationships with Americans. Throughout the years, several stars have appeared to get into relationships only to access the benefits that America can provide, even if that means hurting innocent people. Although the vibrant red flags were apparent by the end of the 90 days, fans are saddened to see 90 Day Fiancé’s Yve being taken advantage of. In the end, 90 Day Fiancé viewers wish the best for the riotous couple.

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