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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Kate Bishop As A Character

Though Hawkeye has always been one of the most forgotten members of the Avengers, the recent Hawkeye show proved that the world was ready for more of the character — and more of the mantle. After all, a second Hawkeye appeared in the show, who was just as fierce as the first and much funnier.

The introduction of Kate Bishop showed an arrogant kid who quickly learned just how big the world could be, and just how dangerous. While she eventually found her footing, it led to many memes that were both incredibly funny and great summations of her character.


10 Doesn’t Mind Taking On The Practiced

While Kate Bishop is undoubtedly one of the youngest and most inexperienced superheroes in the MCU, she’s more than proven herself willing to take on experienced heroes. With unsurpassed bravery, she stood up against Yelena Belova, one of the best new MCU characters, and proved that she wasn’t one to back down from a fight.

Of course, while she wasn’t afraid to take on Yelena, it also wasn’t the smartest decision. Had the assassin decided to take out Kate, it would have been incredibly easy for her. Still, Kate’s confidence and charm helped to keep her alive, while also managing to delay Yelena in her quest to take out the original Hawkeye.

9 Not Usually Involved

Kate’s proven that she’s capable of some amazing feats, like taking down the Kingpin, but that doesn’t mean she’s always available when she’s needed. After all, when Spider-Man was dealing with the world falling apart, or when Moon Knight was taking on the forces of the Egyptian gods, she wasn’t exactly there for a fight.

It’s hard to blame her though. With limited resources, now that her mom’s in prison, Kate can’t exactly take a quick flight to Egypt to help out an unknown supervillain, and no one could have even told her about Spider-Man’s problems. Unfortunately, Peter’s on his own until he can learn that Kate even exists.

8 Born For It

Kate Bishop is a legacy hero who lived up to her predecessor in every way that counts. A confident archer, a great person, and an unstoppable fighter, she’s proven that she’s ready to take on enemies. However, she hasn’t proven that she’s anything like Clint Barton.

Instead, she has similarities with the other famous archer: Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. With a wise-cracking nature, a family that comes from money, and even a dog, the two have a lot in common. And, of course, the chess piece name happens to be a bit of a strange coincidence.

7 Good Team

Though the show was largely meant to showcase the adventures of Clint and Kate, fans quickly picked up on the fun relationship that Yelena had with Kate. After all, Yelena having to put up with Kate was a lot of fun, and Kate’s willingness to resort to childish actions like pressing all the buttons in the elevator was brilliant.

While there’s an unpopular opinion that Kate is too childish, that childish behavior is part of the fun. After all, she’s young and inexperienced, so having a straight man by her side to react to her antics helps to add some levity to the show. It wouldn’t be that fun if everyone was a firm assassin, after all.

6 Super Fan

Part of the fun of Kate Bishop is that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can relate to her. After all, Kate happens to be a fan of the Avengers as much as Kamala Khan and Peter Parker are. Having suffered through the Battle of New York, she certainly saw the damage villains could do, and what the Avengers could protect civilians from.

Having dedicated herself to being like Clint Barton by learning archery and advanced martial arts, she strove to prove that she was capable of being a fan and a superhero. So, while she was somewhat less explicit about her interests, she still managed to make it clear that she loved the Avengers and everything they did.

5 Truly Inspired

So far in the Marvel universe, there have been several legacy heroes. It’s hard to forget that Yelena Belova is set to take up the Black Widow mantle and Sam Wilson is already holding Captain America’s shield. But few legacy heroes were as determined to take the mantle as Kate was.

With a matching costume, a bow of her own, and the Hawkeye name, Kate’s proven to be Clint Barton come again, but with a flair and background of her own. And, unlike Sam and Yelena, she isn’t there to replace the original Hawkeye. Instead, she’s working beside him.

4 Took Down Kingpin

After Daredevil spent years working to take down the Kingpin, it was miraculous to see Kate Bishop take him down so easily. Though she certainly took some hard hits, Kingpin was one of the most powerful Daredevil villains and it seemed like no one would ever be able to take him down.

So to watch a kid manage to threaten and take several hits from him, she showed she wasn’t going to back down from a fight. Though she did need her mom’s help, she managed to trap him, take him on one-on-one, and survive the attack entirely, even without her arrows. With clever tricks, ruthless fighting, and the ability to take a punch, she did what Daredevil never really could and won the fight.

3 Lower Stakes

The stakes of Phase 4 of the MCU have been incredibly high. From multiversal shenanigans to the destruction of multiple universes, it’s been a phase determined to see the Marvel universe shaken up completely. All except Hawkeye at least, given that Kate and Clint just wanted to get home safe for Christmas.

It’s a pretty sweet resolution, and it was nice to have lower stakes for a bit. The characters have been through a lot, so a more grounded story fit the Hawkeyes well, and it also helped to provide some levity as the two took on the Tracksuit Mafia as well as they could.

2 Likes Clint

While it might seem like a random kid claiming a superhero’s name could be the cause of some major conflict, it worked out pretty well for Clint and Kate. With Kate as charming as she is, she managed to convince Clint that she was worthy of the title and the chance to get to know him.

So now, there are officially two Hawkeyes hanging out, and it’s a great sign for the future. A young Avenger and her mentor, who can help guide other young heroes wherever they might need it.

1 Too Innocent

While Kate is an excellent hero, she’s also young and somewhat innocent. Though she was willing to help take down villains, she was rarely actually ready to take on the threats that faced her in the field, and often had to rely on Clint coming to help her take down the threat.

Of course, by the time Kingpin came to take Kate down, she proved herself more than capable of surviving by herself. In the end, she’d learned everything she needed to from the original Hawkeye, even if the majority of Hawkeye left her leaning on the man for help.

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