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Minecraft Tips and Tricks: How to change game modes in Minecraft

Everyone is aware of Minecraft’s reputation as one of the most customizable video games available. You can create brand-new worlds and add mods, and many more things. You must select one of the game modes, such as Survival, Creative, Adventure, or Spectator, when you first start a Minecraft game, and you often can’t change it without wiping your file. Also Read – Microsoft owned Minecraft says no to Blockchain tech and NFTs: Here’s why

The customizability of Minecraft, however, also applies to its hacks. You can change the type of game you’re playing at any time by using the console command ‘/gamemode’. It’s vital to remember that you must activate cheats in order to utilize them. But there is still an easy way to change game modes in Minecraft. Also Read – Microsoft, Mojang Studios’ new action-strategy game, Minecraft Legends, is coming in 2023

Here’s how you can change game modes in Minecraft: Also Read – Minecraft’s big wilderness update is coming on June 7

How to change game modes in Minecraft

Step 1 : Press or tap on the pause button
Step 2 : Then tap on Settings
Step 3 : Choose the desired game mode from the dropdown menu under the headline ‘Personal Game Mode’ by clicking on it. You might get a timely warning about the accomplishments for that world being disabled. If this occurs, select Continue.

Game modes in Minecraft

Survival: Survival is the most popular Minecraft game mode. Players are susceptible to injury and death and require materials from the environment in order to construct food, weapons, and shelter.

Creative: Creative is the mode for all builders. In the Creative mode, all of the items and blocks that players can use in Minecraft are available in unlimited amounts. Players are invincible, and neither mobs nor the ender dragon are hostile.

Adventure: Players are still subject to the same rules in Adventure mode as they are in Survival mode, with the exception of being unable to place or break blocks.

Spectator: Players operate a camera that can pass through solid blocks in spectator mode and look through them. They cannot die as they are not a part of the game world, and cannot be observed by other players unless they are also in spectator mode.

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