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Clue Animated Series Based Off Hasbro Board Game In the Works

Fox and Hasbro are partnering up to turn the classic detective board game Clue, which is also getting a new live-action film, into an animated series.

A Clue animated series based on Hasbro’s classic board game is in the works. Invented by Anthony E. Pratt, the iconic detective board game was released in 1949 and has since become a household name. In 1985, Clue and its eclectic group of characters arrived on the big screen in an adaption that starred Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, and Michael McKean. In 2018, 20th Century Fox announced that a remake of Clue, starring Ryan Reynolds, was in development. Reynolds’ Clue movie recently received an update when its writers announced that the script is finally complete. Now, it appears more Clue mysteries are on the horizon.


Per Deadline, an animated series based on the Clue game is in development from Hasbro and Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment. Written by Dewayne Perkins and produced by Tim Story, the Clue animated series has yet to announce a release date. The reimagining of the detective board game is expected to highlight the game’s iconic characters, rules, and premise. The creative forces behind the Clue animated series assure the new project will capture “the thrilling and suspenseful dynamics that have made Clue a global sensation for more than seven decades.”

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For now, the forthcoming animated Clue series joins the growing roster of projects produced by Hasbro aiming to bring their iconic properties to life. Other Hasbro game adaptations include its Dungeons & Dragons franchise and a scripted TV show based on the Risk board game. Clue has been a household staple since its release, but the upcoming Reynolds movie and animated series could reignite interest in the board game for a new generation.

Source: Deadline

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