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Sony PlayStation 5 console slims down for new version after price hike

Sony recently introduced a price hike on its latest generation console PlayStation 5. Now, a new report has suggested that the console is also getting some physical revision. It has gotten lighter than before, according to a gaming website called Press Start. This light-weight model of the PS5 has been spotted in both the Digital version and the standard Blu-Ray disc version. Also Read – Sony launches DualSense controller for PlayStation 5: Here’s why you should care

According to the report, the primary observable difference, so far, has been in the weight of the Sony PlayStation 5. This is the only change that was noticed when compared to the model sold in the 2021 model. The weight difference is evident in both product manuals where the overall weight has gone down by a similar jump to the 2021 model. The light weight of the console could be due to changes in the internals of the console. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock today: Here’s how to pre-order PlayStation 5 gaming console in India

The report suggests that the new disc model now weighs 3.9 kgs, a 7 percent reduction from the 2021 revision (4.2 kgs). The digital PS5 has a similar weight loss, with the 2022 revision now weighing 3.4 kgs, down 13 percent from the original weight of 3.9 kgs. Also Read – Sony PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle is coming to India: Check Price and details

The weight difference is so evident that the Blu-Ray version of the console is now as heavy as the Digital version that was introduced in the year 2021.

This new revelation comes just days after Sony announced a price hike on its console. Earlier this week, the Japanese tech giant said it is increasing the price of PS5 in select markets due to the global economic environment, including high inflation rates.

The new recommended retail price (RRP) is coming in select markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), as well as Canada.

“The global economic environment is a challenge that many of you around the world are no doubt experiencing. We’re seeing high global inflation rates, as well as adverse currency trends, impacting consumers and creating pressure on many industries,” Jim Ryan, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a blogpost.

The PS5 was launched in India for Rs 39,990 for the Digital Edition and Rs 49,990 for the Blu-ray version. In the next re-stock, the prices of the PlayStation 5 is expected to jump up by around Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000. However, there hasn’t been any official statement about the specific price hike.

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