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DC Officially Confirms Clark Kent is Returns as Superman

A Twitter post by Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson gives a sneak preview of Superman’s return to his old role in the DC Universe.

Preview ahead for Action Comics #1047!

Clark Kent is coming back to his old life in the DC Universe as Superman. A preview for Action Comics #1047 from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson shows the hero back from his mission in space to pick things up where he left off.

Despite being Earth’s protector for decades, the DCU got a massive change in status quo when Superman decided to leave the planet. Clark had discovered that the villainous dictator Mongul had returned and his murderous Warworld arena was enslaving alien races across the galaxy. Leaving the defense of Earth to his son Jon Kent, Superman and the Authority ventured out into space to liberate the citizens of Warworld and defeat Mongul once and for all. The “Warworld Saga” has stripped Superman down to his most basic elements, but as the story approaches its ending, fans may wonder what this means for Clark.


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Well after his long absence, the hero is finally heading back to Earth and is, once again, donning his classic blue tights and red trunks. To hype up Superman’s grand return, Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson took to Twitter and gave fans a preview of the grand return for the Man of Steel. Johnson posted a message that read, in part, “To anyone who thought I took #Superman to Warworld to avoid Lois, the superfam, the Daily Planet, etc… …I’ve been itching to bring him back to all of that this whole time.” In addition to the writer’s message, Johnson also provided a look at the interiors of Action Comics #1047. The sneak peek shows classic Superman holding a car above his head as well as a reunion between Clark and Lois Lane where the two share a tender moment in the sky.

Johnson posted an additional preview showing off the Superman Family in Action Comics to assure fans that Clark’s loved ones won’t be taking a backseat just because he’s come back. Still, to see the Big Blue Boy Scout back on Earth is a sight for the sore eyes of Superman fans. The liberation of Warworld has been Clark’s mission for some time now and, with that chapter behind him, a new status quo can finally be explored.

With Clark gone, Jon Kent had to step up to become the hero he felt was worthy of carrying on his father’s moniker. And aside from a few hurdles here and there, Jon Kent has grown into the Superman role and became a defining hero for his generation. While some fans may fear that the return of Clark could threaten Jon’s status as Superman, it’s highly unlikely Clark would take away the role Jon has earned. Johnson’s tweet implies that the homecoming of Superman is a time of unity for the Superman Family and that Clark is going to need his allies more than ever as he prepares for his next mission. What awaits Clark in the DC Universe is unknown, but Superman’s family will certainly be there with him to see it through.

Action Comics #1047 will be available on September 27, 2022.

Source: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

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