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The Last of Us: Part 1

The Last of Us: Part I has been released as a rebuilt version of the original The Last of Us, which started on PS3. Though new graphics, better movement and mechanics, and increased accessibility have been implemented, the base game remains largely faithful to the original. Completing the main storyline for the first time is a trek of its own but attempting to see every secret The Last of Us Part: 1 has to offer will require multiple playthroughs.

A single playthrough of The Last of Us: Part 1 will not grant the player enough supplements or parts to fully upgrade Joel’s stats and weapons. Upon returning for a second playthrough in New Game+ Mode, the loot a player can gather will be regenerated, but stats and weapon upgrades will remain where they were from the first playthrough. By playing through the game a second or even third time, players can gather enough supplements and weapon parts to fully upgrade Joel and his weapons.


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To max out everything, spend extra time searching through drawers, cabinets, and opening locked doors. Save enough materials to craft Shivs when a locked door appears, as during the first playthrough a player may not have had these resources available. The Last of Us: Part 1‘s new graphics may be enough to encourage players to slow down, but doing so will allow for more resources to be scavenged. Be judicious with the number of materials you are using throughout the game, and be thoughtful when upgrading weapons to get the most out of the resources available.

Find All The Last of Us Collectibles

The Last of Us: Part I offers a range of different collectibles to find hidden in each level, giving players who enjoy collections a place to put their searching skills to the test. The largest of these collectibles are the artifacts, typically found as notes, maps, letters, and other general things that add to the ambiance of the story. Some subplots will follow the collection of artifacts throughout the story, giving players a deeper understanding of The Last of Us: Part I‘s backstory and the world they are in. In total, there are 85 artifacts in the world, scattered around every level.

30 Firefly Pendants can also be found, displaying a name of a fallen Firefly soldier, and offering a second set of difficult collectibles to find. 14 Comics, something that Ellie becomes fond of during the latter half of the game, are also available to collect and read through. Also included as collectibles are the 12 Training Manuals and 5 Tool Upgrades, though those offer tangible benefits to the player when in combat, instead of being purely collection-focused.

Play “Left Behind” DLC

Originally included as DLC for the original game, The Last of Us: Left Behind is a prequel to the story of Ellie, offering a backstory into her life before infection. With The Last of Us: Part I, this extra story is included in the base game. It is recommended, however, to play this episode only after beating the original game, as it does include spoilers for the base game despite being a prequel.

Play The More Difficult Grounded Mode

Grounded Mode is available from the start in The Last of Us: Part I, but players who are new to the franchise should steer clear of it until they get a handle on the game’s mechanics and playstyle. Grounded Mode is a challenge, removing key resources that upgrade Joel and his weapons, limiting the amount of ammunition available, and adding more enemies to every area. Once the player feels confident enough with their skills, they should attempt a playthrough of Grounded Mode.

Additionally, The Last of Us: Part 2 is this game’s direct sequel, a worthwhile endeavor for new players who can’t get enough of the rich story these games have to offer.

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