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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Kim Presents A False ‘Fundy’ Reality

While watching the four Welcome to Plathville seasons, fans have become convinced that Kim Plath presents a false “fundy” reality. Kim’s controversial and criticized behavior (especially towards her family) has been anything but perfect, and Plathville fans are far from happy with it. She has come off as controlling, and viewers believe that it’s because of her actions, rather than their perceptions.

Welcome to Plathville has run for four seasons. When viewers were introduced to the Plaths, they were a tight-knit family living a Christian fundamentalist lifestyle. Over the years, their bond has appeared to slowly unravel. WTP fans may not be able to pinpoint when this division started, but some believe that it all began because the Plath kids were growing up and leaving the nest. Now, viewers think it’s only a matter of time before the Welcome to Plathville stars, who already sadly lost baby Joshua, have breakdowns.


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Most fans are blaming Kim for the family’s separation, because she was so strict while she was raising the kids. The mother of nine made her word the law, restricting her children from living their lives by projecting her fears onto them. Not only was she controlling, but she was also accused of manipulating her children. She tried to make them think her way, and do what she wanted. According to a fan on a thread started by montymelons on Reddit, Kim believes that her family should present a united front, which may help to keep attention off of what she does to them. Now, fans seem to believe that the way she manipulates them is not such a big deal. The Redditor pointed out that she achieves this through her children’s social media presences, while having little to no social media presence herself. These insights surfaced online after the Plath children took to their social media accounts, adding the same “family first” post.

The Plathville matriarch, who seems obsessed with changing her life, according to montymelons, also uses another “fundy” tactic, which is called, DARVO. This stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim, and Offender. There have been several instances on the show where Kim has employed this tactic with her children. This technique might help to explain the recent curveball in the feud between Kim and Olivia Plath. When Kim made Micah and Moriah Plath back Olivia into a corner, forcing her to resolve things with Kim (despite everything she has endured from the Plath mother). Kim has also been seen openly gaslighting her children on the show, with no regard for their emotions. All of this and more has convinced Welcome to Plathville fans that Kim is playing straight from the “Fundy” textbook.

Fans of Welcome to Plathville are convinced that she is pushing an inauthentic lifestyle, but they are not buying it. They wish she would be less controlling and manipulative in the future, when it comes to her children’s lives. With a divorce imminent, and Kim seemingly being more open (and letting go of the fundamentalist lifestyle), fans are wondering if anything will change.

Source: /montymelons/Reddit

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