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10 Worst Total Drama Characters, According to Reddit

Cartoon Network recently greenlit two new seasons of the Total Drama (via movieweb), which began with Total Drama Island in the late 2000s. The animated series parodies reality competition shows like Survivor, The Challenge, and The Amazing Race as teenagers compete in nearly life-threatening challenges for a cash prize.

True to what reality tv audiences recognize from competition shows, some of the worst Total Drama contestants are those that went home early, were shafted by their circumstances on the show, or are just outright unlikeable. With news of the Total Drama revival having a new cast, fans on Reddit look back on the worst characters the series created.


Katie and Sadie

Introduced on Total Drama Island, the inseparable Katie and Sadie called themselves the Best Female Friends For Life. Even Redditors couldn’t separate Katie and Sadie as the two were constantly discussed at the same time for being some of the most annoying characters.

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GeometryDash_Gamer says, “Both Katie and Sadie were just one-note, had barely any personality, and were REALLY annoying…Every time they squeal, I lose brain cells.” Katie and Sadie never evolved past being connected to each other, and the two were not solid enough competitors for fans to forgive them for being annoying.


From Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Dave is considered one of the worst (but well-written) characters. He saw himself as the only normal guy on the show, but that was eventually proven not to be true.

As Conker1030 says, viewers expected him and Sky to be the season’s best showmance only “for the writers to pull a 180 and make the relationship the most toxic one ever.” In his only season on the series, Dave displayed obsessive and aggressive behavior that couldn’t be seen as humorous, which certainly made viewers hate him (and probably why they also believed him to be a major antagonist).


Fans enjoyed Sierra at first on Total Drama World Tour before her character started to become one-note. Fans felt conflicted as she had one of the most unfair Total Drama eliminations, but they didn’t want to watch her anymore. Regularorange120 says, “At first, it was a funny gag to how fans are with fanbases… She adds absolutely nothing to the story besides being a Cody obsessed fan girl…”

As much as the audience wanted to see her be more than an obsessed fan, each season Sierra appeared on only leaned into that aspect of her personality more, solidifying her as a character fans couldn’t enjoy.


As a competitor in the first three seasons of this social experiment reality show, fans continually expected her to do well given her athleticism but turned against her for her abrasive personality.

Fair-Journalist2568 highlights this issue, saying, “I don’t like her anger issues [and] her return was pointless only for her to be booted in the same episode she return[s] in the merge…she is a character with wasted potential overall.” While Eva eventually shows she can make friends with others on the show, the audience can’t find many things they enjoy about Eva.


Staci from the Revenge of the Island cast is one that fans could not see outside of her being a TV trope that needs to end as they saw her as an intentionally unlikable character. JakeClipz says Staci was “practically designed to be obnoxious fodder to the nth degree.”

As the first kicked off on her only season of the show, Staci quickly annoyed the audience to the point she is still hated. With her incessantly exaggerating stories about her family, the audience couldn’t stand her to the point she is often brought up as a terrible contestant.


Although Cameron was a finalist on Revenge of the Island, fans couldn’t get past their feelings that he was undeserving of that spot. Cameron aligned himself with strong competitors, so they were eliminated before him. This left Cameron behind as someone others thought they could easily defeat.

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Drew_lmao says Cameron is “literally the most forced underdog ever. no thanks. not to mention he has 2 very close allies the whole game who get voted out before him because they’re bigger threats.” Feeling like Total Drama pushed Cameron when he never proved himself was irritating to the audience, making Cameron more unlikeable in the final.


While many found Zoey from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island to be a lovable and cute character, some found her character to be less interesting because of her relationship with Mike.

OfficialBalloony459 says, “a majority of Zoey’s personality is just her relationship with Mike, which I find very boring and underwhelming.” The audience ultimately wanted Zoey to have more of a personality outside of her feelings for Mike. Zoey became more interesting as she became “Commando Zoey,” who focused on revenge. However, as regular Zoey, she couldn’t keep the audience interested.


On Total Drama Island, Trent was likable, but on Action, he was fully considered annoying due to his relationship with Gwen. Thegemburg says, “Trent dragged Gwen down…He also dosen’t care about the money and loses challenges for his team to make Gwen happy…”

In one of the worst Total Drama couples, Trent throwing competitions for Gwen made him and their relationship much worse to the audience. Trent became so focused on Gwen that constantly talking about her and doing anything not to lose her made him lose any favor he had with the audience.


As the first kicked off the series, Ezekiel had a chance to do something big on World Tour. However, this opportunity was squashed as he returned as “Feral Ezekiel,” where he once again didn’t do anything for his team.

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Temporary_kick7754 says, “The worst is probably Ezekiel because he contributed literally NOTHING positive to his teams and was the O.G. 1st boot twice.” Although Ezekiel was constantly not performing well, he never left without providing some entertainment to the audience by being so out-of-touch with the world. The audience admits Ezekiel is not the best-written character, but he is also not entirely unlikeable.


Amongst the Total Drama audience, Amy is considered nearly unanimously terrible after her only season, Pahkitew Island. Soulless_101 describes her as an “annoying and mean sister that did nothing to further herself in the competition and was only out to humiliate her sister.”

The audience found nothing redeemable about Amy as she had a major superiority complex. While competing with her sister, Samey, she constantly put her down and blamed her for anything that went wrong. After her interactions with her sister, Amy solidified herself as one of the series’ most hated villains.

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