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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Lando Calrissian As A Character

With his silky voice, flashy style, and Cheshire grin, Lando “Old Smoothie” Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) is one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars franchise, soon to get his own series on Disney+. As fans wait to learn about the smuggler’s interim years before he was Baron Administrator of Cloud City, they’ve been celebrating the Rebel hero with memes taken from the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, and especially Solo: A Star Wars Story where his younger self was played by Donald Glover.


Whether he’s trying to get back his beloved Millennium Falcon after losing her to Han Solo, or just trying to charm every female in his vicinity (L3-37 counts), these memes capture the complexity of the galaxy’s most dashing rogue.

Lando Is One Of The Strongest Characters In The Franchise

The Book of Boba Fett revealed that the Sarlacc was perfectly capable of pulling down the bounty hunter’s gunship, but failed to make a meal out of Lando in Return of the Jedi, who managed to avoid digesting in its stomach for 1,000 years with a little help from a half-blind Han Solo.

While the Sarlacc might have been made more threatening in the Disney+ series through improved special effects, the fact remains that the gunship still had a difficult time against the creature even with the sort of firepower it was carrying. Lando demonstrated not only incredible bravery, but typical coolness under pressure, especially since Han could have easily shot him instead of the Sarlacc’s tentacle.

Lando Is A Smooth Operator

Darth Vader had a memorable entrance, but when Lando strolled down the landing platform of Cloud City, he set a standard of a different kind. Initially looking menacing, his intimidation was merely a feint, and he’s soon all smiles and laughter as he welcomed his old friend Han and his party.

Since Han stole Lando’s ship in a friendly game of Sabacc, Lando sees an opportunity to steal something precious to Han – Leia. Unlike Han, Lando behaves like a gentleman, and treats Alderaan royalty with respect. With his aura of congeniality and style, he was one of the most distinct additions to the original trilogy, and Lando’s status as an iconic pansexual character has been getting a lot of attention ever since Solo.

He Has A Winning Smile

There are few characters in the Star Wars universe who can match Lando in style and personality. His charm helped him lure Han and Leia into a false sense of security, but he couldn’t play the part of traitor very long. Behind his “winning smile” is actually a heart of gold credits.

After the release of the Special Editions in the mid-’90s and the prequel trilogy, reference paraphernalia was released so fans could dive into that galaxy far, far away with more in-depth knowledge. The Star Wars Visual Dictionary series was as clever as it was informative, including annotations like the one this meme highlights.

He Just Wants His Ship Back

It can be argued that Lando was putting the news of the many above the needs of the few when he agreed to turn Han Solo over to Lord Vader and Boba Fett. If he hadn’t, the Emperor’s scourge would have left a battalion on Cloud City, and probably meddled in its accounts. Was he looking out for the welfare of his citizens, or just himself?

This meme suggests that for Lando, it all came down to him still being irritated that Han had the Falcon, but if that were so, he never would have agreed to join the Rebel Alliance. Lando plays the long game though; after weighing the odds, and coming to the conclusion that he could help eradicate the Empire forever, he still got to fly the Falcon again.

He Won’t Be Double-Crossed

As a former gambler and smuggler turned businessman, Lando was one of the smartest characters in the Star Wars franchise, but even he couldn’t predict how Lord Vader would go back on his word. As his deal with the Sith Lord got worse and worse, he had to make a choice and forsake everything he’d built to join the Rebel Alliance.

As this meme suggests, when Luke confronted Vader is the Emperor’s throne room, he could very well have been getting payback for Lando who never forgot the humiliation he suffered. Star Wars Legends material highlights the fact that Lando Calrissian wouldn’t be above putting out a hit on someone who’d double-crossed him.

He’s A Notorious Gambler

Lando was a standout character in The Empire Strikes Back, so it was disappointing that it took decades for his character to be featured in another Star Wars movie, but it was worth the wait. In Solo, Glover imbued him with the right sense of charm and panache while showing how conniving he could be during a game of sabacc.

While this meme only selects gambling as a mature theme posted on the Lando Calrissian dedicated subreddit, if mods were being honest, most of them would also be selected. Lando is a character that lives on the edge, but the gambling habit ensures he can afford to have a cape room on his ship.

He Finally Got His Ship Back

Solo explored the fledgling stages of Lando’s friendship with Han, which went from adversaries to begrudging friends, and back to wary acquaintances by the time that they met again later in life. A dark joke made in the movie takes on a whole different meaning when fans realize that Han had to die for Lando to get to fly the Falcon one last time.

The line Lando uses is employed by Han at a later date, indicating the importance of their interactions, and the influence the gambler had on the callow youth. When Greedo tells Han he’s going to turn him into Jabba the Hutt and collect my reward, Han declares, “Over my dead body.”

He Deserves His Own Series

Even though Solo was controversial, fans were still excited to see more of Glover portraying Lando, perhaps in his own stand-alone film based off of the Lando Calrissian Adventures that made up his starlogs. The movie’s poor box office return effectively killed any chance of a Lando movie, but there have been rumors of a Disney+ series based on the enigmatic raconteur.

With the series dependent on Glover’s schedule and other projects, Lando is a character whose fate remains unknown. As the meme suggests, had ticket sales been better for the movie, it might have performed better, and Glover’s dance card wouldn’t have been filled with Atlanta and other things.

He Has Iconic Lines

Lando always seems to know exactly what to say, and has had several iconic lines throughout the Star Wars franchise, making him every bit as smooth as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy. In those three films, Obi-Wan had a noticeable swagger and penchant for smooth one-liners, just like Lando.

Kenobi memes can be found all over r/PrequelMemes, but Lando has recently stepped in to occupy a special place in the memes focusing on the original trilogy, whose, “Hello, what have we here?” is every bit as classy as Kenobi’s, “Hello there!” to General Grievous.

There Are More Of Us

Even when Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan, senator of the New Republic, and General in the Resistance made a distress call from Crait, the galaxy wasn’t ready to stand up against the First Order after it had annihilated core worlds loyal to the opposition of its tyranny. And it seemed for a moment like evil was finally going to win, once and for all, because there were too many ships.

But the Resistance had one last ace of its sleeve – a savvy old hustler who in sixteen hours, managed to bring ships from every corner of the galaxy to take on the Final Order and its fleet of planet killers. The scene might not make a lot of sense, but it’s nevertheless an epic moment in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, held together by Lando’s inhuman charisma.

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