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Doctor Who: 10 Funniest Characters

Despite Doctor Who’s origins as a straight-laced, educational program aimed at children, it has always possessed an element of humor. It may have been subdued at first, but as the series progressed, the comedy of the series became more pronounced.

While Doctor Who is a show which generally treats its sci-fi material quite seriously, the characters are often quite colorful and project humor into the adventures they wind up in. With the show’s 60th anniversary special set to bring back the light tone of the Russel T. Davies era, now is an apt time to consider which of Doctor Who’s characters stands out as the funniest.


10 The Tenth Doctor

Perhaps the most iconic incarnation of the Doctor, Ten was a nuanced figure who was equal parts egotistical and guilt-ridden as he was charismatic and enthusiastic. Despite the ability for the Tenth Doctor’s darker qualities to bubble to the surface on occasion, he was often a cheerful and humorous presence on screen.

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Much of the Tenth Doctor’s funniest moments came from his overexcited personality – such as his giddiness about solving a murder with Agatha Christie – and his snarky banter with his companions. Donna Noble in particular proved a great foil for this incarnation of the Doctor as the two bounced off each other in the most chaotic fashion.

9 Jamie McCrimmon

One of Doctor Who’s longest serving companions, Jamie McCrimmon was a Scottish highlander from the 18th century who traveled with the Second Doctor for much of his tenure. The two were practically inseparable and became Doctor Who’s first double act, as evidenced by their playful interactions.

Beyond the chemistry Jamie shared with the Second Doctor, much of his funniest moments came from his reactions to his surroundings. Despite his constant adventures with the Doctor, he was never able to fully adjust to the sci-fi shenanigans the two got up to, and always displayed a certain naïveté that made him the perfect fish out of water. He might have been a lunk, but he was a lovable one.

8 Graham O’Brien

As the heart of the Thirteenth Doctor’s original TARDIS team, Graham O’Brien often carried much of Doctor Who’s emotional weight during Series 11. He struggled to form a relationship with his adopted grandson, Ryan, had to heal from the grief of losing his wife, and was forced on at least one occasion to confront his fears about his cancer going back into remission.

Despite all the baggage that Graham carried with him into the TARDIS, he was the member of the fam with the most chipper and positive attitude. He might not have been as laugh-out-loud hilarious as other companions, but his quick asides and down to Earth remarks made him an enjoyable presence who audiences couldn’t help but smile at.

7 Frobisher

A shape-shifting alien who takes on the form of a talking penguin, Frobisher was a companion of the Sixth and Seventh Doctor in several comic and audio adventures. Like his friend, he often made light of threatening situations, cracking jokes at somewhat inappropriate times.

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The most amusing aspect of Frobisher’s character was the fact that he acted like an early 20th-century detective while in the guise of a Penguin. The mere juxtaposition of cute with snarky made for a silly character, and just as much amusement came from others reacting to his presence as it did from his blunt response to everyone around him.

6 The Eleventh Doctor

Equal parts the most childlike and most mature incarnation of the Doctor, Eleven was an oddball who lacked the social understanding that nearly all of his predecessors had when it came to interacting with ordinary people. Despite this, he still came across as one of the more likable incarnations of the Doctor.

The most hilarious aspect of the Eleventh Doctor was his goofy sense of wonder. While the character was regrettably watered down to solely encompass this characteristic as his tenure went on, the way in which he gleefully chased after aliens and talked to his TARDIS was always guaranteed to elicit laughter.

5 Bill Potts

Among Doctor Who’s most overlooked companions, Bill Potts traveled with the Twelfth Doctor during Doctor Who Series 10, and brought a colorful presence to the TARDIS following Clara’s departure. She might not have been the designated comedy relief during her time in on the show, but her frank observations – such as describing the TARDIS as a posh kitchen – were guaranteed to elicit a chuckle.

Bill was arguably at her funniest when playing off of the Twelfth Doctor’s eccentricities. His gruffness and her positivity made for a wonderful double act, and the two adventurers could make even the most tense of situations amusing, most notably when the Twelfth Doctor punched a racist.

4 The Second Doctor

A stark contrast to the put-together, patriarchal figure that was the First Doctor, Patrick Troughton’s portrayal of the Doctor turned the character into a bumbling space hobo who people rarely too seriously. It was a risky move, but one that paved the way for future incarnations of the Doctor and, importantly, gave the character a chance to be consistently funny.

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Much of the Second Doctor’s hilarity stems from his physical mannerisms. He was constantly moving around and had a propensity to throw himself in dangerous situations, and these details alongside Troughton’s exaggerated performance made the Second Doctor a delight to watch on screen, especially when paired with Jamie.

3 Wilfred Mott

Wilfred Mott was Donna Noble’s grandfather and was played by the late, great Bernard Cribbins. In his encounters with the Doctor, he displayed an excitement for his granddaughter’s adventures that contrasted well with his daughter Sylvia’s dismay.

Wilf’s funniest moments often came from his interactions with other aliens besides the Doctor. When selling newspapers on Christmas Day, he shook his fist at the Titanic as it nearly crashed into Buckingham Palace, and his bravery in shooting a Dalek with a paintball gun made for one of the funniest reactions in all of Doctor Who history.

2 Donna Noble

Donna Noble was first introduced in the 2006 Christmas special, “The Runaway Bride,” and her sassy personality made her a delightful annoyance for the Tenth Doctor. A year and a half later, the two were best friends traveling the universe together, bouncing off one another.

As one half of the greatest TARDIS team, Donna Noble proved a capable presence thanks to her colorful commentary and ability to call the Doctor out. It made for a character who was always blinding on the screen but never felt larger than life.

1 The Fourth Doctor

The most iconic iteration of the Doctor, Tom Baker truly inhabited the alienness of the character in his seven years on the show. His Doctor was a booming presence who was more than willing to play the idiot and who frequently gave a big grin whenever he met a new face.

The Fourth Doctor was a magnetic force who could bring levity to the darkest of scripts by offering people jelly babies, prattling off nonsense, or pulling pranks on his enemies. It didn’t matter who he was paired with, he always could bring joy to the audience.

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