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One Founding Avenger Actually Hates Spider-Man

One founding Avenger hates Spider-Man seemingly because they think spiders are creepy, but one comic explains exactly where that hatred comes from.

At this point it is well established in Avengers lore that the Wasp absolutely hates Spider-Man–at least in the earlier books–as she blocked his entry into the Avengers on more than one occasion. While the Wasp explains that she doesn’t like Spider-Man because she hates spiders and everything associated with them, that explanation doesn’t seem like it’s enough to completely mistrust someone based exclusively on their choice of superhero identity–especially coming from someone who based their alter ego on a bug that is equally hated by the masses. However, it seems as though the Wasp has revealed why she hates Spider-Man so much, and it all comes down to her power set.


Janet van Dyne aka the Wasp is a founding Avengers member who first came into contact with Spider-Man in Avengers #11 by Stan Lee and Don Heck–well, sort of. In that issue, Kang the Conqueror makes a robot Spider-Man to infiltrate the Avengers, but his plan doesn’t exactly work out the way he hoped. Thinking that the Avengers would automatically let Spider-Man join them, Kang figured his plot was foolproof, though he didn’t account for the Wasp. When taking a vote on Spider-Man’s inclusion, the Wasp voted “no” simply because she hates everything to do with spiders. In a later issue, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, the Wasp votes the exact same way when the Avengers are considering allowing Spider-Man (the real on this time) to join the team, which feels a bit absurd since the Wasp wasn’t allowing one of the greatest heroes of all time on the Avengers simply because she is creeped out by spiders–though another Avengers issue proves that she has her reasons.

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In Avengers #51 by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, the Avengers have been kidnaped by the Collector who is on a mission to capture every one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, past and present, to complete his sick collection. The first two members the Collector captured–aside from Thor who was brainwashed to help him–were Giant-Man and the Wasp. Luckily, the Collector also had a horde of alien insects helping him in his despicable cause, and while that sounds terrifying on the surface, they actually come in handy for Earth’s heroes. Using her powers to communicate with and effectively control the minds of all insects, the Wasp is able to order the space bugs to release her, which allows her to free the other Avengers and defeat the Collector.

The revelation that the Wasp can control insects from not just Earth, but across the further reaches of the cosmos is absolutely astounding and seemingly explains why she doesn’t like spiders–spiders aren’t insects. Spiders are arachnids and therefore are immune to the Wasp’s control. For someone who can control literal aliens so long as they somehow fall into the insect category, it makes perfect sense as to why the Wasp doesn’t like spiders–she can’t get into their heads which means she can’t trust them or anyone who associates with them, Spider-Man included.

This reason for not liking Spider-Man is admittedly just as petty as the original, but at least it gives fans a legitimate answer as to why she doesn’t like the wall crawler beyond the Wasp’s opinion that he’s just creepy. The Wasp has a psychic connection to all insects, even across the fa reaches of the galaxy, but right here on Earth, spiders are a black hole–bugs over which the Wasp has absolutely zero influence. While this is speculative, it sure makes a lot of sense based on the information given in this issue–information that seemingly reveals exactly why one founding Avenger hates Spider-Man.

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