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Peacemaker Season 2 Script Update Shared By James Gunn

Showrunner James Gunn shares an encouraging update on his progress writing scripts for the still-upcoming Peacemaker season 2.

Peacemaker creator James Gunn offers an encouraging update on his progress writing scripts for season 2. John Cena debuted his take on DC’s Peacemaker in 2021’s reboot movie The Suicide Squad. He then took to the act to the small screen on the acclaimed HBO Max streaming show Peacemaker.

Unfortunately fans have experienced plenty of Peacemaker-related anxiety ever since WB shockingly canceled their planned HBO Max movie Batgirl. But despite Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent campaign of slashing costs, shelving projects and pulling content, Peacemaker fans have been assured that season 2 of the show is still happening. Indeed, it was recently reported that all of Gunn’s in-development DC projects are safe from being shut down or written off.


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Fans however continue to worry despite these promising reports and direct assurances. One fan indeed recently tweeted at Gunn to get a status report on Peacemaker season 2. Gunn wasted no time in replying to the concerned customer, reminding the fan that season 2 was renewed after the show’s first episode and stating that he’s currently writing new Peacemaker episodes. See Gunn’s tweet in the space below:

Gunn’s newest Peacemaker update follows upon a previous social media remark by the prolific tweeter confirming that season 2 goes before cameras beginning in 2023. As with Peacemaker season 1, season 2 will consist of eight episodes, all written by Gunn himself. And this time around Gunn will also direct all eight episodes, after helming only five of eight in season 1. The bad news is that the 2023 start date for Peacemaker season 2 likely means the show will not hit screens until 2024.

But after all the recent carnage at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max, the fact that Peacemaker seems safe at all is great news, regardless of how long the wait might be for the new season to be delivered. Clearly the powers-that-be at WB still believe in Gunn, and they have good reason to after the smash hit he delivered with Peacemaker season 1. Of course even with all the direct-from-the-source assurances of Peacemaker’s continued life they’ve received, fans will no doubt continue to fret about the future of Cena’s character in the DCEU. The cancelation of Batgirl came out of the blue after all, and it’s understandable that there would be a lot of lingering anxiety among fans that more sudden and shocking moves could still happen. But as long as Gunn is willing to engage with his fans on Twitter, he will continue having a pipeline to send out happy updates, and keep folks off the ledge when it comes to the future of Peacemaker.

Source: James Gunn/Twitter

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