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10 New Horror Games That Are Perfect For Fans Of Stranger Things

Exciting news for the fans of the hit series Stranger Things has come out in the form of a teaser from Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who plays the villain, Vecna. While the teaser is only a peek into what season 5 has in store for fans, the excitement for the upcoming season continues to grow.

The next season will not be ready anytime soon as the season is still in the writing phase. Since there will be a lot of time to kill and entertainment needed to fill the temporary void that viewers of the show are currently feeling, there are some great new games that came out this year that give off similar vibes to that of Stranger Things.


10 Skinwalker HuntSkinwalker Hunt screenshot of gameplay.

Fans interested in folklore and the paranormal should take a look at the game Skinwalker Hunt. It’s not a story-driven game. However, the game’s primary focus is on exploration, non-linear gameplay, and the use of its dark atmosphere.

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The best way to make for a successful hunt in this game is to use patience and perseverance as players take on the role of a Native American monster hunter. The creepy settings, the appearance of the Skinwalker, and the hunt make for a great horror setting that is sure to entertain players as they take up the challenge of being a great monster hunter.

9 Eternal EvilEternal Evil screenshot of gameplay.

There are plenty of puzzles that come up in horror games, including the tasks of finding certain clues to help players along the way. This game just so happens to have puzzles and an old-school survival horror theme inspired by the Resident Evil series that provides plenty of entertainment.

Eternal Evil is set in a small town destroyed by an apocalyptic event. Its dark, gritty appearance and heavy atmosphere give the game the appearance of that end of days look. There is also artwork in certain sections of the gameplay that is very well done, adding a comic book-style appearance throughout the game. So while killing bloodthirsty ghouls using a variety of weapons, take in the scenery and enjoy the artwork shown in the gameplay.

8 Evil Dead: The GameEvil Dead The Game promo image.

While the Evil Dead game has received its fair share of criticism since its release, it is still a fan favorite for many and provides plenty of great, playable content. For fans of Stranger Things, this game could prove to be of interest.

This game provides a solo campaign and online gameplay where two teams go against each other. The game follows the journey of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movie series and the TV show Ash vs Evil Dead. Fight against the forces of evil by killing the Deadites that want to rip players apart or be the demonic entities who wish to shred the other players to pieces in the iconic dark forest area from the first and second films, as well as plenty of other playable locations.

7 Martha Is DeadMartha is Dead screenshot of gameplay.

As one of the more popular game genres, psychological thrillers draw in players by using a captivating story, atmosphere, and gameplay. Martha is Dead is an excellent example of a game that follows these characteristics that will grab players’ attention and provide hours of great content.

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Martha is Dead is a tragic tale of twin sisters, one treated horribly by their mother while the other is favored. When Martha is found dead, her sister Giulia takes on her identity, having to mimic everything Martha did when she was alive. The lines between reality, superstition, and the state of Italy in 1944 during the war, add more tension to the case of stolen identity mixed with gorgeous graphics and intense imagery and storytelling.

6 Ghost WatchersGhost Watchers screenshot of gameplay.

While looking at the games that fall under the paranormal/horror categories, there are plenty of video games for players to choose from. Ghost Watchers is one of those games, and it just so happens to form a union between ghosts and Pokémon.

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The game is a co-op horror game that allows players to explore haunted, abandoned homes where players will encounter eight types of ghosts and acquire evidence to help fight against them. The player also receives a summary of what type of ghost it is, along with their stats. Alongside fighting the ghosts, players can also capture them! It’s a game that the fans of the Netflix series could find enjoyable and invest a lot of time in while hunting the paranormal entities.

5 Escape The BackroomsEscape the Backrooms screenshot of gameplay.

There are plenty of great, creepy video games that include a multiplayer option. One of these games is called Escape the Backrooms. This game is considered one of the best short games players can beat in 10 hours or less and will terrify players.

Escape the Backrooms provides players with the challenge of trying to escape the eight levels based on the backrooms’ lore. Players can communicate with each other and stay together as a group if they so choose. The settings of each level will have players feeling like they are in a never-ending maze and a constant fear of being watched as the monstrosity lurks in the darkness.

4 Remnant RecordsRemnant Records screenshot of gameplay.

Fighting evil and enduring hardships in horror games is the primary task and theme for almost all of them. The most common enemies and situations players experience in horror games are demonic entities and paranormal activities.

Following the trend of horror games that allow for multiplayer gameplay, Remnant Records isn’t just a game that Stranger Things fans would be interested in. This is also one of the best horror games that fearless players who need a challenge would enjoy. The tension and dark environments mixed with the entity messing with the players as they investigate the location makes for a terrifying experience that gives players an adrenaline rush fueled by fear that will leave players wanting more.

3 MADiSONMADiSON screenshot of gameplay.

When looking at a list of horror games, the games from the franchise Resident Evil will pop up. The games have been able to terrify many players, but not every player finds them scary. One of the best Indie games that players found to be scarier than Resident Evil is the game MADiSON.

MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game that aims to be as immersive for players as possible. There are moments where the players will feel claustrophobic, and the only thing that will help them during their journey of survival, discovering the secrets and working through the puzzles they encounter, is an instant camera. The camera will also help the player see the dark entities haunting the area.

2 Cut To The CoreCut to the Core screenshot of gameplay.

There are several art styles and kinds of games that players enjoy. One of these that many find enjoyable is the kinetic visual novel, especially those with the classic comic book theme.

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The game Cut to the Core is a creepy kinetic visual novel inspired by classic horror comics such as Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. The linear text-based game follows the tale of Jack Weir, who is going in for a routine surgery that ends up going in a horrible direction leading to gruesome experiments he goes through. These gruesome experiments are graphic and depict the horrors the main character will endure, giving it some minor similarities to the story behind the character, Eleven.

1 The Quarry

There are a few movies and games that are set on campgrounds due to the popularity of the Friday the 13th films. One game that will intrigue fans of the Netflix show takes place on a campground and has some great qualities of the Friday the 13th movies and some traits from the Stranger Things series.

When teenagers throw a party, there is little to absolutely no supervision. In the case of the teens in The Quarry, there is no supervision, only some blood-covered locals hunting them down. Despite some of them not being the best of friends, this is still a matter of life and death. In this game, the choices matter, interaction between characters is important, working as a unit is vital, and survival is the biggest priority.

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