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Daredevil’s Secret Superpower is the Reason He’s a Really Good Lawyer

With Daredevil officially entering the MCU after being stuck in Netflix-limbo for years, fans are seemingly just as excited about Matt Murdock’s career as a lawyer as they are about his career as a superhero. Luckily, in one instance, they go hand-in-hand as Daredevil has one specific superpower that helps him maintain his status as a ‘really good lawyer.’

At the moment it is unclear exactly how much of the Netflix/Marvel universe will be canon in the wider MCU as Marvel Studios could just as easily soft-reboot every returning character as they could simply state that everything that happened while they were under the Netflix umbrella is actually canon. Assuming that the former is correct, Daredevil made his first official MCU appearance in the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, though he didn’t suit up in his superhero costume. Instead, Daredevil’s debut was as the lawyer Matt Murdock who successfully got Peter Parker cleared of all charges that were filed against him in the film. However, that wasn’t to say a bit of Daredevil didn’t shine through. As Murdock is telling Parker the good news, a brick is thrown through Peter’s window, and Matt instinctively catches it in midair. When Peter asks how he did that, Matt replies, “I’m a really good lawyer” which was a smooth way of merging both aspects of Daredevil’s character in a single scene. While this scene is played up for laughs, Daredevil’s first comic book confirms that having the abilities of Daredevil actually does make him a really good lawyer.


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In Daredevil #1 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, readers are given the full origin story of the Man Without Fear, including how radioactive material got in his eyes as a child and blinded him, which also granted him amazing abilities through his newly-acquired heightened senses. While this book tells fans how Matt Murdock became Daredevil, it also goes one step further and actually shows readers his time at law school where he was roommates with his long-time friend and partner Foggy Nelson. During one interaction between Matt and Foggy, Foggy asks Matt how he is able to comprehend everything from class so quickly, and Matt tells him that he was forced to study a lot as a kid, so it just became second nature. However, in a thought bubble above Murdock’s, Matt reveals that the radiation he absorbed as a child is the real reason behind his ability to absorb information much faster than a regular person.

While having the power to take in information and retain that information for future application is a skill that every superhero would benefit from having–since questioning criminals and outwitting super-villains is practically part of the Daredevil job description. A skill like that is even more useful as a lawyer. Matt can absorb complicated details of any case and keep that information sharp in his mind as he researches the best argument on behalf of his client. These are normal attorney practices, but Matt’s heightened senses ensures that he is working at max efficiency at all times, which is actually kind of a game changer when considering the parameters of his power set. All of Matt Murdock’s remaining senses were heightened by the same radioactive material that blinded him, but this secret power isn’t a normal sense like smell, touch, or taste but is actually something else entirely: brain function.

Daredevil’s origin confirms that the strange substance that gave him his powers also increased his brain function exponentially, making it so that he can retain incredible amounts of information on any given subject, which, in this case, includes the rules of law—proving that Daredevil’s secret superpower is the reason Matt Murdock is a really good lawyer as established in Marvel Comics, and as shown in the MCU.

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