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How To Make Cash Fast in TemTem

There are many items to buy in TemTem, and players will need to make money fast if they want to thrive in this MMO inspired by games like Pokémon.

After a lengthy early access period spanning two years, TemTem has finally rolled out version 1.0, and players are looking for ways to make cash quickly in the game. TemTem’s gameplay is inspired by Pokémon and has 165 creatures for players to capture. Players will need money if they want to make their monsters powerful and for various other uses. Money in the game is called Pansuns, and there are a variety of different ways in which players can earn it.


Notably, TemTem is an MMO, and players can see one another as they travel around the Airborne Archipelago, the game’s world consisting of six main islands. The in-game money is spent on cosmetics and more. Being stylish isn’t strictly necessary, as it won’t make players’ monsters fight any better, but it is an important aspect of the game for many players. There are many clothing options, and more will likely be added to the game later.

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In addition to spending money on clothing and accessories, players will also spend money on items used in the game. For example, TemTem‘s gameplay has players collecting monsters by using items called TemCards, which are the game’s equivalent of Pokéballs. There are also a variety of combat medicines to help in fights, performance items that can manipulate the stats of Temtems, items to guarantee traits when breeding Temtem, and more. Some of these items are earned in the game, but if players want more of them, they will need to spend Pansuns.

Earning Pansuns Fast In TemTem

There are a variety of ways of acquiring currency quickly in TemTem. However, some methods are easier than others. One of the best options available to players is to visit the FreeTem! Organization, who will pay for players to release their captured critters. The FreeTem! Organization is found on Superior Omninesa in the north-central part of the island. The higher the TemTem level when they are released, the greater their value. This method is repeatable and excellent for getting easy money in TemTem. There are also weekly rewards for releasing certain numbers of Temtem.

Another way to get a good amount of money in TemTem is through fighting tamers. These NPCs will engage players in battle when they cross their line of sight, even diagonally. Players will encounter many of these characters as they progress through the game, so with this method, players can earn cash just by playing it. Some fights are optional, so players can backtrack and find the ones they missed the first time. However, players can only win against these tamers once, so when they’ve found and defeated all the tamers in the game, they will no longer be able to earn money using this method.

Finally, there’s TemTem’s PvP mode to help players earn money. This mode might be challenging for some, as many experienced players have played since TemTem was in early access. They are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the Temtem and know how to make a winning team. Emerging victorious against them will be a challenge. Still, it is a great way to continue to play TemTem after completing the story. The real challenge lies here, as players will need the best team with the most powerful monsters possible.

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