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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

The latest episode of The Simpsons premiered earlier this year, giving fans even more hilarious moments from fan-favorite characters who have remained mostly the same over the decades. The long-running sitcom has unsurprisingly become the subject of several memes shared on platforms like Reddit, with some perfectly capturing what makes the show so legendary.

From the unbelievably long time it has been on the air to the way it seemingly predicts the future, there’s no shortage of gut-busting memes that reflect the best aspects of the series. They’re almost always rooted in iconic moments in the show that capture the characters’ personalities or display their wacky antics.


She’s Old Now

There are a lot of controversial moments in the show that made it a topic of discussion during its earlier years, as it often depicted questionable parenting and jokes meant for adults. These haven’t stopped it from airing and attracting a loyal fanbase, though.

A hilarious meme reminds viewers that the show has been releasing episodes for decades now – over thirty years at this point. Those who have been watching from the very start may be feeling a bit like Lisa in the image, much older than she feels and generally tired.

Springfield Doesn’t Want Love

It’s not just the Simpsons family that’s a source of humor in the series, as there are wild characters from the small town of Springfield to laugh at or with, too. The town will often vote for the wrong thing when faced with a major decision or even a spur-of-the-moment one.

The town’s absurd reactions are summed up in a humorous meme depicting an alien (Mr. Burns) offering to give them love, Lenny leads the community against the strange creature not because it looks dangerous, but because of the good thing it wants to provide.

A Complicated Father-and-son Relationship

A major part of the show is the unique dynamics within the Simpsons’ home, which include Homer’s messy relationship with his mischievous son, Bart. His son has a tendency to offend or prank others, even if it seriously harms them.

Homer often strangles Bart in a brutal way after pranks or insults, which has inspired numerous memes about him harming his own son. It’s not hard to imagine him attempting to “yeet” Bart, which will make sense for fans who know about Homer’s unique and ineffective way of disciplining his son.

Those Shocking Deaths

Just because the show is a sitcom that almost always goes back to the status quo, it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any permanent deaths (or simply removals) over the years. One jarring and unexpected death happens to the timid and religious Maude, who’s shot with a t-shirt cannon and actually dies.

While she does sometimes return in the form of a ghost, she never takes her place as Ned’s wife again. Other characters who have been removed from the series include Apu and Edna Krabappel, who are still deeply missed by fans.

Do It For Her

There have been several side characters introduced on the show over the past decades, with some only making brief but memorable appearances. A few, like Homer’s half-brother Herb, manage to leave a lasting impression on viewers because of their well-written and humorous story arcs.

Herb’s brilliance and ambitiousness are a stark contrast with Homer’s dim-witted nature and laziness. It’s a running joke in the fandom that his baby-talk converter never changed the world in the sitcom like it should have, likely inspiring the meme that uses an actual sad moment from The Simpsons.

Write That Down

The Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon when it was first released and has held its position in pop culture since then. It’s worth noting that the so-called ‘golden era’ of the show has long passed and several discussions and references are often made to its earliest episodes instead of the more recent ones.

One way that the comedic show continues to influence fans is through its depiction or use in memes, with one funny image proving this point. Whether it’s the protagonist’s antics or comments from supporting characters like Krusty, it’s easy to adapt the series’ iconic scenes as memes.

A Sick Gag

A cool feature of The Simpsons is its couch gags, which have become an unskippable part of every episode. The opening sequence will even sometimes feature other shows or artists’ works, but are often just witty or funny scenarios that are not canon.

One meme adapts the couch gag for the pandemic, making it a relatable moment for audiences who may be far too familiar with “the symptoms.” The show’s creators continue to express their humor and creativity through the intro gags to this day, with several lists compiling the more memorable ones.

It’s Season 33

It’s almost hard to believe that The Simpsons has been going on for over three decades now, especially for those who have been fans since the start. While there are several viewers who have likely stopped watching the show since its supposed decline in quality, there are undoubtedly a few who refuse to miss even a single episode.

The mature humor and witty jokes make the sitcom the ideal choice to watch with friends. It’s the perfect show to put on for a relaxing and mindless evening, as Bart’s pranks, Homer’s dim-witted decisions, or Lisa’s predicaments are bound to make any friend group guffaw.

Homer’s Oblivious

A huge part of what makes The Simpsons so hilarious is that its characters will often make terrible decisions without thinking twice. This is especially true for Homer, who is even more dim-witted than everyone else in town.

A gut-busting meme uses a scene where Homer is fittingly smiling while everyone in the car looks visibly annoyed by him. He’ll rarely notice when he’s being bothersome and will sometimes just not care how he affects others, which is part of what makes him such a comedic character. Other townspeople who are like this include Mr. Burns and Milhouse.

Predicting The Future

There are several moments from the sitcom that seemingly predict the future, which is an aspect of the show that has become widely known among fans. In reality, the series just happens to have several scenes that have happened in real life because of its many episodes from the past decades.

Moments from the show that allegedly align with real events include Michelangelo’s censorship, the invention of autocorrect and smartwatches, the introduction of robotic librarians, and, infamously, Donald Trump’s presidency. There will likely be more of these coincidences in the future, as there are just way too many episodes to draw parallels from.

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