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Why Southern Charm Fans Are Questioning Marcie Hobbs’ Casting

Southern Charm fans think that newcomer Marcie Hobbs is not bringing anything to the new season. Fans share their theories as to why she was cast.

Marcie Hobbs made her debut on Southern Charm season 8, and fans are wondering why she was cast on the Bravo show. Marcie was introduced on Southern Charm as longtime star Shep Rose’s cousin. He was seen telling his castmates that she was known for her wild ways when she was younger but is now married and expecting a baby. Many Southern Charm viewers were excited to meet a relative of Shep’s as his family has mainly stayed out of the spotlight. While Shep’s parents made an occasional appearance on the show, they have preferred to remain private.


Many Southern Charm fans were expecting a female version of Shep, but viewers were pleasantly surprised to find Marcie quiet and laid back. During a party, upon hearing her last name, Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul asked her if she was from the respected Hobb family. Shep confirmed that she was and mentioned that she was a member of the exclusive Jupiter Island Club. Marcie later told Southern Charm cameras that she comes from a very established family that made their wealth through railroads.

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Despite Marcie’s massive wealth, the new Southern Charm star is never flashy or boastful on the show. She also remained out of the drama between cast members. Southern Charm fans were hoping for more from Marcie, and Reddit user u/Wildbillpecos wondered, I know this has been talked about a lot but I’m still baffled as I think this is one of the more bizarre reality tv castings that I can remember. A near 40 year old pregnant lady with no ties to anyone other than being another cast members cousin?! The original poster posed a theory that Shep pushed to have Marcie on the Southern Charm season 8 cast so get could have someone loyal in his corner, knowing his relationship with Taylor Ann Green may not be portrayed in the best light.

Other fans believe Marcie was cast as a replacement for Cameran Eubanks, who left after Southern Charm season 6. Another Reddit user wrote, “I think they were just trying for a replacement Cameran archetype since she quit. Blonde, well-off, reformed party girl turned homemaker.” However, Southern Charm fans think Marcie is nothing like Cameran, who was bubbly and provided witty commentary on the show. One Reddit user responded, “It makes NO sense for her to be there And they give her a lot of screen time, as if she has been there forever–and I just don’t care. Go away, Marcie and take Shep with you!”

Marcie seems to have nothing in common with the other Southern Charm cast members besides Leva Bonaparte. Many of the women are in their 20s or early 30s and seem to have no career path other than being an influencer. Despite having money, Marcie works as a real estate agent and was previously in the entertainment industry. Leva is closer in age to Marcie and runs several successful restaurants and bars in Charleston. Like Marcie, she also has preferred to stay out of the cast drama and has acted as the peacemaker of the group. Although it’s fair to give Marcie a pass as she was pregnant during Southern Charm season 8, fans hope she brings more entertainment later in the season.

Source: u/Wildbillpecos/ Reddit

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