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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Daleks

The Daleks are Doctor Who’s greatest villain. They’ve gone up against every incarnation of the Doctor, been responsible for the death of some of his companions, and have returned time and again despite being killed off numerous times.

With the Daleks set to make an appearance in Jodie Whitaker’s final adventure as the Doctor (and likely the 60th anniversary special), it’s safe to say Britain’s favorite pepper pots will never go away. Audiences need only look at the nature of the creatures to see why.


10 Exterminate

The Daleks are simple creatures. They shout at everyone, believe themselves to superior to all other lifeforms, and – as the above meme points out – exterminate everything that dares to cross their path.

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Despite the clear-cut morality of the Daleks and their extreme bloodlust, they’ve been occasionally formed alliances with other species. While such choices could be seen as a tempering of their extremist views, they usually end with the Daleks killing their allies after they’ve outlived their usefulness.

9 Daleks Obey

As can be gleaned from the selected meme, the Daleks are not meant to question orders. They were bred by their creator to fulfill the will of the leader, no matter how illogical their demands were.

While the meme is misleading in suggesting that Daleks lack free will, it does point to a lack of critical thinking skills that results from the species’ fascistic beliefs. Any thoughts that run counter to the tenets of Dalek belief are met with retaliation and extermination from the group at large.

8 Unused Episode Titles

In classic Doctor Who, the Daleks were involved in the most outlandish of plots ranging from a war with silver haired robots to bumping into Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. The results were made especially silly when paired with super serious episode titles.

While Hybrid1930’s meme mostly pokes fun at the predictable naming conventions of Dalek stories, it also serves to highlight the shenanigans the Daleks are capable of getting into. It’s unlikely that a Dalek is ever going to go to therapy in an episode of Doctor Who, but it’s not too difficult to believe such a story could exist considering the melodramatic plot of “Revolution.”

7 Supreme Dalek: Master of Memes

One of the many defining traits of the Daleks is their stubbornness. As evidenced by the meme above, a person doesn’t tell a Dalek what they can’t do unless they want to be proven wrong and then shot.

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Beyond the portrayal of Dalek arrogance, the meme also points to the dangerous reality of underestimating the creatures. This is most notable when it comes to stars, as many have laughed at the pepper pots perceived inability to climb stairs before being exterminated.

As suggested by the above meme, the Daleks are a race that believe in strict uniformity. A person would be hard-pressed to find any discernable difference between each individual creature because of their fascistic beliefs.

Beyond the lack of individual identity, the Daleks also don’t have any tolerance for diversity among their ranks. It’s because of this that they’ve fought a civil war over the purity of the Dalek race.

5 Deceptive Designs

Despite being one of the deadliest monsters in Doctor Who, the Daleks have deceptively nonthreatening designs. They lack legs, have an aesthetically pleasing dome head, and feature a plunger and egg-beater for arms.

In addition to the lack of threatening features on their person, the Dalek silhouette is also somewhat reminiscent of the astromechs from the Star Wars movies. While such a comparison would be considered an insult by some Whovians, it doesn’t change the fact that the Daleks are less likely to frighten audiences than other aliens because of their design.

4 The Blunt Dalek

As can be inferred from u/JayPea__’s meme, the Daleks are very blunt creatures. They’re constantly shouting at everyone, and even when they attempt to play other beings, aren’t the most subtle of creatures.

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Beyond the direct nature of the Daleks, the meme also points to the pitiful nature of the creatures. They once were rationale beings who had much in common with humans before the great war turned them into nihilistic creatures consumed by fascism and subjugated to the experiments of Davros.

3 The Doctor Enters The Dalek Universe

Generally speaking, the Daleks are considered the most dangerous creatures in the Doctor Who universe. They’ve conquered planets, killed billions in the name of racial superiority, and nearly destroyed the universe thanks to their reality bomb.

While the Daleks are some of the scariest monsters in Doctor Who, they’re nowhere near as scary as the Doctor in his darkest moments. They might be cocky in their belief that they can exterminate their arch enemy, but place them in a room with the PTSD-ridden Time Lord, and it’s clear that the Doctor is the one who is most likely to come out alive.

2 The Daleks Have Been Inside Us All Along

In one of the best Doctor Who episodes from the Russell T. Davies era, a lone Dalek compares a hate-filled Ninth Doctor to itself. While the above meme lacks the emotional punch of that scene, it does make a similar comparison (albeit, between Daleks and Reddit users).

Beyond the supposed, Dalek-like nature of Reddit, the meme works to establish that the Daleks are not too far removed from humans at their very worst. They are receptive to group think, are willing to see the worst in everyone, and will eliminate everything it deems to be a threat to its society.

1 Unacceptable

At the core of Dalek belief is that they are the superior race. This mindset has led to their multiple attempts to conquer the universe, and as can be inferred from the image above, explains why they’re so bloodthirsty.

The Daleks can’t comprehend, let alone tolerate, anything different from them. This is best evidenced in the episode “The Parting of the Ways” where a group of Daleks halt their mission to stop the Doctor in order to exterminate a group of innocent humans hiding at the bottom of Satellite Five.

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