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My Hero Academia Evolves Shigaraki’s Quirk to Make Him Face His Past

Tomura Shigaraki’s body is beginning to change in My Hero Academia chapter 365, forcing the villain to confront the sins of his past.

This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 365!

As Tomura Shigaraki‘s body mutates into a horrific amalgamation of wriggling fingers, My Hero Academia is transforming his Decay quirk in a way which forces the villain to face everyone he’s unleashed it against over his tortured life.

Shigaraki originally identified his unsettling new form as his body’s way of acclimating to All For One’s power and mind. Nobody bothered to question Shigaraki at the time, because who better knew what was going on with his powers than Shigaraki himself? But recent events hint it’s actually related to his quirk, even though Aizawa’s Erasure quirk (as copied by 1-B’s Monoma) cut the villain off from these powers.


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Near the end of My Hero Academia chapter 365 by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, Shigaraki envisions the faces of the family members he killed when his quirk first awakened. Then, as Shigaraki finally reaches a conclusion that helps him justify his actions, deformed people appear to erupt from Shigaraki’s horrific new body. The fact that My Hero Academia chapter 365 first shows the family members Shigaraki killed before switching to the aforementioned spectacle creates the impression that everyone who Shigaraki has killed using his Decay quirk somehow “exists” in his latest unsettling form. How Shigaraki can accomplish this new feat even though he can’t access Decay is still unclear, but there’s a way for these facts to co-exist.

Shigaraki’s Decay may have stored these beings within his body already, with Erasure only stopping him from further using this power to add more victims to the ‘collection.’ It’s also not clear how extreme these manifestations will ultimately be. Shigaraki’s resurrected family members have taken inhuman forms, but this could change. If they adopt more human forms, they could likely haunt Shigaraki rather than help him. Present-day Shigaraki may have tainted the memory of his tragic origin story by wondering if he killed his family on purpose, but since this latest chapter is portraying Shigaraki as a kid once more, it’s likely that his present-day self will be forced to confront his past through younger, more innocent eyes. It’s obvious that Shigaraki loved most of his family, especially his mother who tried to protect him and his sister. Seeing them again could therefore cause Shigaraki to break down and ask for their forgiveness. The only problem is that Shigaraki feared and despised his father. Confronting him once more could decide whether Shigaraki is capable of redemption or increase the degree to which he justifies his evil.

One question fans still have about this dark new development is who the sixth head sprouting from Shigaraki represents. Shigaraki only killed his sister, two grandparents, and his mother and father (albeit he also killed his dog accidentally.) However, it’s most likely this sixth ‘victim’ could be the boy he once was before becoming Shigaraki, Tenko Shimura. The next chapter of My Hero Academia is likely to be quite emotional for Tomura Shigaraki as he’s forced to confront his past for the first time.

My Hero Academia chapter 365 is available now from Viz Media.

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