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Who Was Saturday Night Live’s Youngest Host?

Since its debut in 1975, Saturday Night Live has seen a numerous amount of hosts, but who was the youngest person to host the popular sketch comedy series? Some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood have been a part of the show throughout the years. Decades later, it is still a staple of pop culture history that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Many young actors, performers, and comedians have been a part of the cast or made special appearances, but the youngest person to host might come as a surprise.


With the overwhelming success Saturday Night Live has received, it’s understandable why the team behind the series would want to focus on having big names to host in order to promote their recent projects. The show doesn’t refrain from having young stars performing as musical guests, and some of the youngest cast members have gone on to have incredible careers. Pete Davidson and Anthony Michael Hall are great examples of this. Some of the greatest comedians in the world have either gotten their start on the comedy series or have gotten a chance to make a guest appearance. But the youngest celebrity to host SNL had already worked on a major film that made them a household name.

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To promote Steven Spielberg’s E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Drew Barrymore became the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live. She hosted on November 20, 1982, and is still the youngest to do so at 7 years, 8 months, and 29 days old. While starring in E.T. as Gertie wasn’t Barrymore’s acting debut, appearing on SNL was a game-changer because hosting a live series at such a young age is an impressive feat. As part of the famous Barrymore family, this was a perfect opportunity for Drew to show off her acting chops while under pressure. Not only does she now have a successful film and television career, but Barrymore eventually hosted SNL more than most of Hollywood.

How Many Times Did Drew Barrymore Host SNL?

As of 2022, Drew Barrymore has hosted Saturday Night Live a total of six times. Since her first time hosting in 1982, Barrymore also hosted on March 20, 1999, October 13, 2001, February 14, 2004, February 3, 2007, and October 10, 2009. When she hosted in 2007, she joined the Five-Timers Club, a rare SNL group that includes those who have hosted the series at least five times. This club includes major stars like Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Tom Hanks. Barrymore also made brief cameos on the show on November 18, 2000, April 9, 2005, and January 21, 2006.

Drew Barrymore hasn’t appeared on Saturday Night Live since her last hosting duties in 2009, but she has starred in several acclaimed projects such as Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, Family Guy, and Blended. In 2020, she began hosting her very own syndicated talk show aptly titled The Drew Barrymore Show, which begins its third season this fall. Barrymore has had an eclectic career since her first time hosting Saturday Night Live, and maybe she’ll get a chance to appear again in the near future.

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