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10 Best Podcasts To Listen To On A Road Trip

It was recently announced by Twitter that the social media giant will be offering podcast services. The podcasts will integrate into their services using their Spaces tab, where podcasters will be able to publish audio conversations to be shared and listened to on the Twitter app.

With Twitter opening up for podcast streaming, road-trippers have even more options to find podcasts to listen to during their travels. A popular way to pass the time on road trips, podcasts can keep drivers and passengers engaged and awake while on the open road.


The Secret Room

The Secret Room, hosted by Ben Hamm, is a series of stories told by guests who have a secret they would like to share. The secrets range from interviewees’ experiences with cults to strange addictions and antics such as shoplifting. Each episode has a new interviewee, and they tend to be just regular people, not celebrities.

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Listening to various people spill their interesting secrets makes for a great way to pass the time on road trips. The Secret Room has over 170 episodes to its name, and each one lasts more than an hour, giving travelers plenty of secrets to listen in on during their adventures.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Hosted by the titular stand-up comic and actor, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour sees Duncan Trussell interview a variety of figures about various topics in philosophy, religion, entertainment, and more. Trussell also utilizes these interviews in his show The Midnight Gospel, a television adaptation of the podcast.

With over 500 episodes, including some that are over two hours long, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a perfect podcast for a road trip. The podcast keeps occupants of the car awake and intrigued by various entertaining interviewees, such as Lily Reinhart and Damien Echols, while having enough episodes of length to last the entire drive and more.

The Only One In The Room

Inspired by a writers retreat where she was the only Black woman in a room of 600 writers, author Laura Cathcart Robbins started a podcast to allow individuals to share their stories of when they felt othered. The Only One in The Room has a wide variety of guests, from abuse survivors to goths to swingers.

With fourteen seasons and counting having been released by Robbins, The Only One in The Room has plenty of content for road trippers to listen to. Episodes range from quick interviews of 20 minutes to over an hour, giving listeners who might get bored with longer episodes a variety to choose from.

Scam Goddess

Hosted by Laci Mosley, Scam Goddess delves into the world of fraud. The podcast explores a wide variety of fraudulent crimes, from cryptocurrency scams to fake art. Episodes also take a look at both current happenings in the scamming world as well as diving into historical scams and their outcomes.

Related: The 10 Best Sports Podcasts, According To RedditScam Goddess keeps listeners enthralled and has enough episodes to fill even the longest of drives. Episodes tend to be right around an hour long, allowing road trippers to get a good variety of scamming knowledge in throughout their adventure.

Behind The Bastards

An investigation into the most villainous the human race has to offer in history, Behind The Bastards explores the nitty-gritty of history’s evilest individuals. Each deep dive looks past what is commonly known about these dastardly people, exploring the interesting odd facts, such as Saddam Hussein’s romance novels.

Each Behind The Bastards dive consists of multiple episodes chronicling a specific individual or group. These episodes tend to be over an hour, making each exploration a multi-hour fest perfect for long road trips. Depending on the person road-trippers choose to learn about, their entire drive could be an extended look at one historical villain.

Things I Got Wrong At Trivia

An award-winning general trivia podcast, Things I Got Wrong at Trivia brings a creative and narrative spin on trivia. The show consists of the three hosts giving each other a variety of trivia questions that explore a wide range of topics, from Disney to math to vocabulary.

Unsurprisingly best for travelers who love trivia, Things I Got Wrong At Trivia will keep listeners engaged and guessing throughout their drive, even allowing passengers to compete with each other using the point system the hosts use. The podcast has over 80 episodes that are each around an hour long, giving road-trippers plenty of interesting and unusual factoids to get them through their trip.

Ologies With Alie Ward

Hosted by science correspondent Alie Ward, Ologies is a deep dive into a wide array of scientific topics and phenomena. In each episode, Ward interviews a different expert in a specific field in the science world about their work, allowing listeners to learn about unique sciences they might not have even heard of prior.

Related: 10 Podcasts Marvel Fans Have To Listen ToWith plenty of episodes that last well over an hour, Ologies is the perfect podcast to keep science-interested road-trippers engaged and learning throughout their drive. The podcast also has a wide variety of fields that it discusses, giving listeners an array to choose from to find something that will capture them and keep them awake and engaged on the road.

Hidden Brain

A part of the NPR family, Hidden Brain is an educational podcast hosted by Shankar Vedantam that explores human behavior. Vedantam looks at various phenomena in human behavior from a scientific perspective, often inviting guest experts to help explain these behaviors in a storytelling manner.

With a large catalog of episodes ranging from a half-hour to an hour, Hidden Brain is perfect for psychologically-focused road-trippers looking to binge episodes about behavior. Vedantam employs story-telling narration in each episode, making them easy listens for passengers and keeping them engaged throughout their drive.


Hosted by three beloved comics—Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes—SmartLess is a mix of guest celebrity interviews sprinkled with comedy. The shows start out with banter between the three actors before shifting to an interview with an entertaining guest, such as Jimmy Fallon or Kristen Wiig.

With a bevy of hilarious conversations and never-before-heard celeb tidbits about their guests, SmartLess makes for an easy and fun listen for road-trippers. The episodes tend to be over an hour as well, giving listeners long and engaging talks with their favorite celebrities to listen to for their drive.

Ear Hustle

Based in the Bay Area, Ear Hustle looks into the lives of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals living in the United States. The podcast gives listeners a look into the prison system of the US from the inside, as well as a view of the reintegration process for those who have served their time.

Launched in 2017, Ear Hustle has amassed a large catalog of episodes chronicling the life of prison inmates. Episode range from around a half hour to over an hour, allowing road trippers to vary their story length to keep interest at the maximum while learning about first-hand experience within the US incarceration system on their drive.

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