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Sharon Horgan’s 10 Best Shows & Movies, According To IMDb

August 19th marked the launch of Bad Sisters, a brand-new show created by and starring Sharon Horgan on Apple TV+. The series is already well received and indicates just how talented Horgan really is. Her career extends far past the show though, into some surprising genres and releases.

IMDb has ranked all the productions she’s been involved in throughout her career. These are all the movies and TV series which have been commended for their fantastic shots, intriguing plots, and of course for the performances that have helped to define Sharon Horgan’s filmography.


10 Free Agents (2009) 8.0

Sharon Horgan managed to create quite the career for herself in the British sitcom scene. Free Agents, which starred Horgan as Helen Ryan, a successful talent agency worker who is just getting over the death of her boyfriend, is a perfect example of that,

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While the TV show, which also starred Stephen Mangan, was much-loved, it was the original TV movie of the same name that ultimately led to the spinoff and has been ranked higher by IMDb. Horgan continues to portray the same character, demonstrating how she can bring her superb talent to an out-there concept.

9 Moone Boy (2012-2015) 8.1

There are plenty of underrated British sitcoms which international viewers may not have checked out yet and Moone Boy is among the best. Starring Chris O’Dowd in the lead, the series focuses on a young man and his imaginary friend in 1990s Ireland.

Plenty of all-star actors and comedians have made cameos throughout the series and Sharon Horgan is one of them. Ironically portraying a character named Sharon Morgan, in the episode titled Where the Streets Do Have Names, the plot centers on the titular Moone Boy attempting to toughen up without his pal by his side.

8 Absolute Power (2003-2005) 8.1

There are plenty of classic British comedies that helped to build out the filmography of notable future stars and Absolute Power certainly ticks that box. It might be forgotten now, but with huge names like Stephen Fry and Sally Bretton in the lead, the series caught audiences’ attention at the time.

Set in a PR firm where the team lied for a living, Sharon Horgan appeared in an episode titled History Man, portraying the character Theresa O’Leary. While it’s a tiny role, this was actually the pilot outing of the show and thus Horgan stands within a piece of comedy history.

7 Shoreditch Tw*t (2002) 8.1

Sharon Horgan might have entered the theater circuit and comedy scene early in her career, but her first credit on IMDb is actually something of an oddity. Showcasing her true talents on screen, Horgan became a part of an amateur short film titled Shoreditch Tw*t.

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Parodying the types of people found in the British setting, Horgan portrayed various miscellaneous characters, each of which had quite the knack for comedic timing. Considering she would later go on to star in plenty of sketch shows, this indie release indicated where she would be heading next.

6 Catastrophe (2015-2019) 8.2

Sharon Horgan has starred in some massive projects in recent years, but she may now be most famous for her substantial role in the Amazon Prime Video series, Catastrophe. Alongside Horgan, heavy hitters like Rob Delaney and Carrie Fisher can be found in the cast line-up.

The series sees Horgan step into the role of Sharon Morris, who becomes unexpectedly pregnant thanks to an American’s visit to London. The fallout from that one meeting spirals, defining her life in the Emmy-award nominated series. It truly is a masterclass in Horgan’s supreme sense of wit.

5 Bob’s Burgers (2011-) 8.2

A great guest star can help to define some of the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers and Sharon Horgan’s contributions to the series were so great that she was invited back again. Thus, the actress makes two appearances, in the episodes All That Gene and The Helen Hunt.

Horgan lends her voice acting skills to the role of Kathleen, a widow in the DuMont apartments. She’s mainly introduced as a love interest to Terry, although audiences never get to see how that’s resolved, with only a hint of date satisfying those who were curious. She’s also briefly an accountant for a theater company!

4 Monkey Dust (2003-2005) 8.5

Interestingly, Bob’s Burgers isn’t the only evidence of Sharon Horgan developing her voice acting capabilities. One of her earliest and still most well-received gigs was as part of the British animated series Monkey Dust. It was a bizarre comedy through and through, with a unique visual style.

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Boasting the sketch variation of comedy that came with some of these anthology-based animations, Horgan got to portray a wide range of characters, imagining some truly odd personalities as part of the role. It might have been short-lived as a show, but it did also include the stylings of the likes of David Baddiel and Kate Robbins.

3 Adventure Time (2010-2018) 8.6

The animation parts continue for Sharon Horgan whose fantastic voice has continued to bring these cartoon figures to life. While never one of the main characters, Horgan did make an appearance in Adventure Time, the fantasy comedy show aimed at all ages.

The episodes Hide and Seek, Min and Marty, Helpers, and The Light Cloud all featured Horgan as Minerva and the Minerva Bot. Despite not being featured much, her role in the lore of the show is undeniable, as she is actually Finn’s intelligent and kind mother!

2 Strutter (2006-2007) 8.7

Paul Kaye created the fictional MTV character Mike Strutter, for the comedy series of the same name. It’s a quirky entry into TV history and one that perhaps isn’t as fondly remembered as it should be, considering how fantastic it was as a parody of the genre.

Strutter gave up-and-coming talent a chance to create their own odd personalities and in Season 2, Sharon Horgan got a turn within the chaos of the episode. Intriguingly, Simon Farnaby also starred alongside Horgan in that episode, showcasing the great crossovers that were happening in the forgotten series.

1 BoJack Horseman (2014-2020) 8.8

It seems appropriate considering the mark that Sharon Horgan has left on the animation industry, that her highest ranked role would be within the modern classic BoJack Horseman. The actress would star in multiple episodes of the show as Courtney Portnoy.

Wealthy and super famous, Portnoy is completely detached from reality, with Horgan giving the character the kind of voice that matches this supreme privilege. She’s one of the more one-dimensional characters in the show in terms of her arc, but Sharon Horgan gives her the personality needed to continue to be a comic relief standout.

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