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Clayton’s Bachelor Season: Where Are They Now?

Clayton’s season of The Bachelor was one of the most dramatic of the 26 seasons of the show, from the drama between the contestants to the wild season finale that Bachelor Nation will not soon forget. Despite the heartbreaks and tears, the women from season 26 have moved on with their lives and are thriving in their respective fields.

While the show didn’t end in love for everyone, many hopeful romantics remained friends and are seen together often, which may be more rewarding than receiving the final rose. With Gabby and Rachel back in the mansion, fans have been left wondering what the other women from season 26 have doing.


10 Marlena Wesh

Since her time on The Bachelor, Marlena Wesh has been chronicling her hair journey on her Instagram (@marlenawesh) and training to stay in Olympian shape. Wesh appears to be single and is in no hurry to find love now; her focus is on exploring different countries on her own and growing her business as a realtor.

Wesh has remained open with struggles with anxiety and reminds her followers it is okay to have bad days and to do what makes them happy when they can. Wesh has moved on from her days on The Bachelor.

9 Mara Agrait

Mara Agrait has been busy since her time on the reality dating show, according to her Instagram (@agreat_mara). Agrait adopted the van lifestyle that became popular during the pandemic and has enjoyed taking scenic routes to her next destination, but travel isn’t her only focus.

She is also the head of two companies with very different purposes, one being an event planning agency and the other focusing on technological literacy for the elderly. Agrait doesn’t post much about her time on The Bachelor but focuses on living in the now.

8 Eliza Isichei

At first glance, it appears that Eliza Isichei was never on The Bachelor; however, a quick scroll will reveal that she was on the show but isn’t focused on talking about her season. Since Bachelor Nation hated many things about Clayton’s season from the start, it makes sense that most contestants don’t post about their time on the show.

Isichei has dedicated her social media, especially her Instagram (@elizaisichei), to chronicling her travel experiences and her budding modeling career that got a boost from appearing on the show.

7 Genevieve Parisi

Genevieve Parisi was involved in some drama during season 26, but her experience has led her to remain friends with many of the women in the house with her. Parisi is working as an influencer with clothing brands like Revolve and appearing at Bachelor-related events. Her Instagram (@genparisi) shows that Parisi cherished her time on the show, and the experience gave her lifelong friends.

Parisi seems to be single and has no plans of rushing love as she is busy enjoying the single life as she pursues her new career.

6 Sarah Hamrick

Like many of her other cast mates, Sarah Hamrick (@sarahahamrick) has been traveling the world and enjoying every minute of it. When she isn’t enjoying everything life in New York City has to offer, she is modeling for surfwear companies and Revolve clothing brand. According to her social media, Hamrick no longer works in wealth management but in financial tech and modeling.

Hamrick still enjoys sports like snowboarding and surfing and participates in them when she can. As one of the youngest cast members, Sarah Hamrick is enjoying being young in the city before she settles down.

5 Teddi Wright

Teddi Wright (@teddiwright) still works as a registered nurse and keeps in contact with many of the other women from her season of The Bachelor. Wright is thankful for her time on the show but has moved on to bigger and better things like spending time with friends and traveling when she isn’t working as a nurse.

Wright and currently bachelorette Rachel had remained close and spent time with each other before Rachel had to leave for her season to find a love match. Even though Wright is still looking for love, she is happy with where she is now.

4 Serene Russell

Serene Russell (@serenebrookrussell) has had a lot going on since she left The Bachelor mansion. Since her time on the show, Russell has left the educational field and has begun working as a model, which is more in line with what she studied in college. While she hasn’t traveled as much as her fellow cast mates, Russell is enjoying the single life and focusing on her career.

Her social media doesn’t reveal much about anything else in her life and functions more as a professional portfolio than a personal page.

3 Rachel Recchia

The Bachelorette fans were pumped for the new season when it was revealed that not only would Gabby Windey be looking for love, but for the first time, there would be two bachelorettes, the other being Rachel Recchia. Before her season, Recchia was traveling the world with her fellow cast mates from season 26.

Recchia loves her time on the show as it has helped her travel to places she has always wanted to visit, according to her Instagram (@pilot.rachel), and sending time with her best friend, Gabby. Even if she doesn’t find love this season, it seems Rachel will always cherish her season.

2 Gabby Windey

Fans are learning more and more things about Gabby Windey as she looks for love with fellow bachelorette Rachel on season 19. The former NFL cheerleader and ICU nurse have spent most of the last year focusing on promoting her season and looking for love on the long-running ABC show.

Windey spent her time between seasons with her beloved dog, who will have to approve of whoever Windey chooses as her partner, or they will be sent packing. Like her best friend and fellow bachelorette Rachel, Gabby will forever remember her experience on the show fondly.

1 Susie Evans

Even though Susie and Clayton’s season finale was wild, the couple has remained together despite rumors of them splitting up. Since getting the final rose, Evans has continued to work as a photographer and videographer, according to her Instagram (@susiecevans).

Even though fans think the couple is headed for a breakup, Susie doesn’t feel the same as she frequently posts about Clayton, how in love the couple is, and how often they are together despite no longer living together. Only time will tell if the couple can take the distance and finally get engaged.

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