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With the second season of the Australian comedy series Bump debuting on The CW, fans both new and old return to the story of Oly and her surprise baby. Not only does the show crucially reveal what teen pregnancy is really like, but it also has a talented cast of actors including the well-known Claudia Karvan and Angus Sampson.

Some of these actors have been around the industry for years and developed a huge repertoire of performances in film and television, while others are just getting started. Nevertheless, actors from Bump have done great jobs in other roles prior to the series.


Nathalie Morris – Black Christmas (2019)

In Bump, Nathalie Morris plays the main character Oly who suddenly finds herself with a child. Fans of the actress can also see her in the 2019 slasher film Black Christmas, which follows a group of sorority sisters at Hawthorne College who are slowly being killed by an unknown stalker.

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Nathalie Morris plays Fran Abrams, a member of the sorority who is also the second student to die. Bump is Morris’s first time in a main role rather than just a supporting one, and does a great job in this transition from horror to comedy.

Carlos Sanson Jr. – Legacies (2018-2022)

In Bump, Carlos Sanson Jr. plays Santi Hernández, the father of Oly’s child. But, he can also be seen in the show Legacies, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off The Originals. Legacies follows the character Hope Mikaelson as she navigates the world of supernatural beings.

Sanson plays a werewolf from the second season of the show. Although this character wasn’t a huge part of the series, Sanson did a great job of portraying his complex personality. This helps him fit well into the character of Santi who has to juggle being a new parent and developing a relationship with Oly while staying true to himself.

Claudia Karvan – Love My Way (2004-2007)

Claudia Karvan is the co-creator of Bump and plays Angie Davis, Oly’s mother, on the show. She is also in the award-winning Australian TV drama series Love My Way, which revolves around a group of thirty-somethings facing the ups and downs of life.

In the show, Karavan plays Frankie Paige, a mother who has a complicated relationship with her ex-husband Charlie. Thus, she is able to well transition into playing the role of the free-spirited yet still supportive mother in Bump who’s along for the turbulent, unexpected ride that is Oly’s new life.

Angus Sampson – Insidious (2010)

In Bump, Angus Sampson plays Dom Chalmers, Oly’s father. But, the actor is also known for his part in the Insidious franchise as the character Tucker, a paranormal investigator. He is in both the original Insidious horror film, as well as its other installments.

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Tucker is known for having very distinct personality that provides comedic relief to dark films. His role in Bump is similar to this as Dom is a pretty easygoing and laid-back father who is fun to be around, though he’s not always there when he needs to be.

Claudia Karvan – The Time Of Our Lives (2013-2014)

Claudia Karvan plays Caroline Tivolli in the ABC TV drama series The Time of Our Lives. This show follows the lives of the Tivolli family in Melbourne, Australia as they navigate marriage, children, and their career.

The show was well-liked by fans for revealing the true realities of life in people’s thirties and forties – how difficult, messy, but beautiful it is. These themes make it alike to Bump and helps Karvan fit almost seamlessly into the show. In both, she does a great job of portraying how unexpected life can be and how people change with it.

Angus Sampson – Fargo (2014-)

Angus Sampson can also be seen in the popular crime drama TV show Fargo. In the critically acclaimed second season of the series with various award nominations, Sampson plays one of the antagonists Bear Gerhardt.

In Fargo, Sampson is able to reveal the complexity beneath Bear’s gruff exterior, showing how despite his capacity for murder, he also holds tenderness for his son. Sampson’s character in Bump is similar in how he may seem like an irresponsible parent on the outside, but is much more complex and conflicted than what his initial impression presents.

Claudia Karvan – The Secret Life Of Us (2001-2006)

Claudia Karvan is in The Secret Life of Us, an award-winning show following the lives of a group of friends, from their personal and career growth to their romantic pursuits. Karvan plays Alex Christensen who has her fair share of relationship troubles throughout the series, including a “will they/won’t they” trope with her housemate Evan.

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This transitions well into Bump as Karvan’s character Angie has her own romance problems, from breaking up Oly’s dad to her crush on a coworker who also happens to be Santi’s father. The relationships in the two shows are both quite messy.

Nathalie Morris – One Lane Bridge (2020-)

Nathalie Morris does a great job portraying the heartbroken Emma Ryder in the New Zealand crime drama TV show One Lane Bridge. The show follows a detective investigating a series of mysterious deaths on a one-lane bridge near Queenstown. Emma is the daughter of one of the first deaths.

Morris is really able to bring out Emma’s emotions and similarly succeeds when acting as Oly in Bump. Watchers can see that Oly is overwhelmed and upset but must suppress it in order to deal with her new reality. It makes for a more relatable and genuine character.

Angus Sampson – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth movie in the Mad Max series. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland and follows Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa in their fight against the tyrannical Immortan Joe.

Angus Sampson plays the supporting antagonist Organic The Mechanic who is a cruel and skilled doctor. This is quite different from his role as Oly’s father in Bump. By portraying a character that is more complex and realistic, Sampson gets the opportunity to show viewers a softer side apart from prior action-packed performances.

Claudia Karvan – June Again (2020)

June Again is a newer film following June Wilton, who after a startling period of lucidity from her dementia, decides to reconnect to her children, find love, and live life again. In the movie, Karvan plays her daughter Ginny.

June Again similar to Bump in the way it follows how a family reacts to a sudden and unexpected turn in their lives. This movie just shows that Karvan does a great job in roles that are heartwarming, sad, funny, and bring the best out of families that may be a bit unusual, but truly love each other in the end.

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