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New Debbie Sighting Spoils Her Single Life Ending

A 90 Day Fiancé fan has posted a photo of Debbie Johnson hanging out with Tony in Vancouver, Canada. It seems that the couple is still going strong.

Popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Debbie Johnson was spotted traveling with her on-screen date in Canada, which suggests things worked out between them. The 69-year-old cast member is known for her appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life, where she’s trying to find true love. TLC viewers first saw Debbie when she appeared as a supporting cast member alongside her son, Colt Johnson. At the time, the elderly mom had been single for 13 years and spent most of her time being a parent. However, when Colt got married to Vanessa Guerra, Debbie decided to move on and find a new man.


When Debbie appeared in 90 Day: The Single Life season 2, she failed to find a partner for different reasons. Fortunately, her current run on season 3 is going comparatively well, as she has likely encountered a man that seems compatible with her. Tony, who is Debbie’s Canadian friend’s landlord, is a lot like her. Previously, the 69-year-old reality star video chatted with him and found him generally sweet. However, Tony’s tattoos and thin physique are opposite to Debbie’s taste. Still, the duo has made a connection, and it seems Colt’s mom has genuinely started to like the new man from Port Coquitlam.

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While the show is still in its early phase, a 90 Day Fiancé viewer has potentially spoiled Debbie’s ending by sharing a picture of her with Tony. In the Reddit post posted by the username The_Chuckness88, fans can see Debbie and her man enjoying a train ride in British Columbia. The Redditor wrote, “Fan Spotting [09/14/2022]: I knew it was Debbie i saw in Vancouver subway!.” While Debbie and her new Canadian man aren’t holding hands, the post implies they are together and spending time with each other. Besides, their matching black jackets make them look like a loving couple.

Most Redditors were ecstatic to know that Debbie had finally found her man before turning 70. A Redditor wrote, “And she’s still with Santa Claus! That’s really good news. I hope she’s happy.” Another Redditor chimed in, “Good for her, there have been tonnes of posts of her in van, it is nice to see this relationship working.” Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers are also happy that Debbie was getting her well-deserved time away from Colt and living independently with her man. One comment read, “Good for her getting her own life away from that wildebeest, Coltee.” However, some fans do claim that the picture is from January. Therefore, whether or not the 69-year-old is still with Tony isn’t certain.

However, there is a big chance that Debbie and Tony have formed a relationship. Their on-screen conversations appear quite genuine to 90 Day Fiancé fans, and they want the two to end up together. If they’re together, it will make sense that Debbie traveled to Canada to spend time with her beau, who has a business in Port Coquitlam. Even though Debbie was once one of the famous villains and problematic mothers-in-law on the show, 90 Day Fiancé fans want her to have a happily ever after with Tony.

Source: The_Chuckness88/Reddit

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