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X-Men Cosplay Recreates Most Iconic Image of Mutantkind’s New Era

A stunning new cosplay by a team of talented creators lovingly recreates the most iconic image of the X-Men’s ongoing Krakoan Age – the beautiful cover to House of X #1 drawn by Pepe Larraz, here featuring Professor X, Emma Frost, and Jean Grey’s Marvel Girl.

The Krakoan Age of the X-Men started with Jonathan Hickman’s 2019 soft reboot of the franchise with House of X/Powers of X – twin series which saw Marvel’s Merry Mutants establish a sovereign nation on the living island Krakoa, as well as finding a way to ‘solve’ death and become effectively immortal. Since then, the mutants of Earth have become unified for the first time in their existence, building a beautiful yet troubled mutant community and culture while fighting threats both internal and external.


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The gorgeous cosplay – produced and photographed by Pat Loika starring @zombilicious as Jean Grey, @contagiousmedia as Professor Xavier, and @caitlincontagious as Emma Frost – reproduces Pepe Larraz’s iconic cover to House of X #1, with one major difference. Instead of Professor Xavier being flanked by Jean Grey and Magneto, the cosplay depicts Xavier alongside Jean Grey and Emma Frost – potentially a nod towards the fact that Magneto is no longer a leader of Krakoa, with Emma Frost stepping up into a much more prominent role on the mutants’ Quiet Council. Loika captions the stunning cosplay with the now infamous X-Men quote “While you slept, the world changed,” a reference to Charles Xavier’s telepathic communication to the people of Earth announcing the establishment of Krakoa. With almost no warning, Krakoa became an internationally recognized sovereign nation, secured through political threats and the promise of miracle life-extending drugs, and overnight the entire Marvel Universe was never the same again.

Pat Loika is a talented photographer and podcaster who has collaborated with many cosplayers to produce a multitude of epic X-Men cosplays, including an incredibly realistic recreation of Jim Lee’s classic X-Men #1 wraparound cover and stunning portraits of characters like Rogue, Hope Summers, and Kate Pryde. Like his other work, this cosplay of Pepe Larraz’s House of X #1 cover is brilliant, beautifully recreating the cosmic glow of the Krakoan teleportation gateway behind Xavier, Grey, and Frost, as well as an incredibly realistic rendition of the wooden gateway itself. The performers perfectly capture the essence and energy of Xavier, Grey, and Frost respectively, proving just how iconic a live-action House of X movie or TV series could be.

For years and years, the X-Men felt “lost” in the world of Marvel Comics, and not until Hickman’s House of X did the X-Men franchise get the revitalization it so desperately needed, finally recovering from the impact of the Genoshan genocide, the Scarlet Witch’s M-Day, and the brutal deaths of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Professor Xavier, re-centering their position and future at Marvel for years to come.

While the Krakoan Age of the X-Men has produced dozens of jaw-dropping images featuring everyone’s favorite mutants, the wildly impressive cosplay produced by Pat Loika pays homage to easily the most iconic: Pepe Larraz’s beautiful cover to House of X #1, which introduced Marvel Comics fans to the newest era of mutantkind.

Source: Pat Loika

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