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X-Men’s Fastest Hero Can Stomp the Entire Team by Himself (And Has)

With one of the largest rosters in all of Marvel Comics, the X-Men include dozens of members that could pose a real threat to any other superteam that chooses to bring trouble to their doorstep. But with so many heroes and that much firepower, it’s no wonder that not every mutant gets their time to shine. One incredibly powerful member of the X-Men in particular rarely gets the credit he’s due, even though Northstar has performed feats that make it clear his powers are firmly A-list.


As the fastest mutant on Earth, Northstar is one of the X-Men’s most underutilized powerhouses. Thanks to his long career both as a member of the X-Men and as a staple of Alpha Flight, Jean-Paul Beaubier has proved himself a formidable foe when going toe-to-toe with some of Marvel’s most versatile opponents. And unfortunately for the X-Men, they’ve found themselves on the receiving end of Northstar’s fury before, and they weren’t up to the task of taking him down.

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X-Men #190 by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo finds the mutant speedster, along with his twin sister Aurora, going toe-to-toe with his fellow X-Men after his corruption by the vaunted Children of the Vault. These technological terrors upgrade Jean-Paul’s powers to new heights, making him and his sister more dangerous than ever before. Before the X-Men know what’s hit them, the tornado-like twins have set upon them with the duo knocking the team’s ultra-powerful telepath, Emma Frost, unconscious in the link of an eye. Cyclops attempts to react, only for his former teammate to redirect his blasts at Wolverine and Colossus, completely taking them out of the equation. Jean-Paul even manages to use his greater experience with his power to take out a Northstar-empowered Rogue before his rampage is ended.

While it’s ultimately a psychic sneak attack from Cable that manages to stop Northstar in his tracks and break the Children’s malevolent hold, the amount of damage he does to his teammates in such a short period of time is truly terrifying and cements him as one of the mutants’ most underrated big guns. In a matter of moments, he defeats many of the X-Men’s most iconic heavy hitters without even breaking a sweat. And if it weren’t for a sneak attack from Nathan Summers – who wasn’t even an official X-Man at the time – things could have gotten much, much worse.

Like many speedsters in comics, Jean-Paul, and by extension his sister, Jeanne-Marie, are dangerously underrated. Happily, they’re aware of it, and even during the recent Krakoan era, Northstar has shown hostility to Professor X and Magneto trying to tell him how to run his team. Northstar is a hero through and through, and he’ll ultimately fight for the future of mutantkind no matter what the cost. But should he ever turn against his fellow heroes, the mutants of the Marvel Universe are in more danger than they realize. After all, if Marvel Comics’ Northstar ever truly decided to take down the X-Men, the fight would be over before they could even blink.

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