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Coaching Guide (Staff Points, Schemes, & Improving Staff)

In Madden 23 Franchise Mode, it’s essential to gain and use Staff Points, Schemes, and Improve the Staff to become a winning Head Coach. The ability to build and coach a team has had players coming back to Madden for decades. It’s fitting that John Madden, the legendary Oakland Raiders Coach, NFL Commentator, and Namesake of the Madden Games, is on the Box Art for Madden 23, given the games focus on coaching. Franchise Mode has been an option since Madden 99, and there have been many changes to the Coach’s role over the years.


The Coach in Madden 23 Franchise Mode controls the offense and defense and earns Staff Points to improve the Team. When starting a New Franchise, there is a submenu to choose between playing as a Coach or an NFL Player and creating a Rookie Coach or using an Active NFL Coach. When a Coach starts the Franchise, they can formulate a Weekly Strategy, Manage the Staff, Roster, and Play a Game. The Player can start a Fantasy Draft in Madden 23 on this page to build a team from the ground up.

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In the Weekly Strategy section, the Coach sets a Gameplan Focus for the offense and the defense. This section will give the NFL Players on the Roster a temporary boost to their stats. In Madden 23, three types of points accumulate in Franchise Mode. Experience Points turn into Skill Points to upgrade the NFL Players, and Staff Points are used to boost the Coaching Staff. A Coach can use Staff Points to boost specific Player Positions and the number of Experience Points earned. There are a few ways to get Skill Points for Upgrades in Madden 23, which helps build a strong Roster.

Gaining and using Staff Points in Madden 23

The Player can select Weekly Goals to earn Staff Points on the Staff Management Page. The Head Coach will have seven options to choose from that will reward the allotted amount of Skill Points with the letter “F” surrounded by a green hexagon. The Offensive and Defensive Coordinator will have five options to choose from. The fourth Weekly Goal is a choice of 8 specific Weekly Gameplan Goals, like getting two or more Passing Touchdowns or Sack the QB 5 Times. Choosing the right Goals depends on play style and the build of the Roster. When using one of the Fastest QBs in Madden 23, a rushing goal may be easier to obtain. The Coach should change the Offensive and Defensive Scheme after setting the Goals. A high percentage Scheme will increase players’ experience points in Weekly Training.

The number in the top right of the Main Menu will increase after completing tasks in Season Games. Head to the Staff Management Page and click View Talent Trees to use those points. On the Talent Trees Page, the Coach can choose how they want to Focus on team improvements. The Talent Tree splits into two different sections for the Head Coach, the Offensive Coordinator, the Defensive Coordinator, and Player Personnel. The Talent Trees help build the Roster up with perks like Reducing the Cost of Trading up During the Draft and Player Upgrades like a Boost to Pursuit for Linebackers, which can be helpful if you drafted one of the Fastest Linebackers in Madden 23.

Utilizing these features will help the Coach win; with wins comes bonus Staff and Experience Points to improve the Team. With a strong Roster and Coaching Staff equipped with the tools to succeed, the Lombardi Trophy is obtainable in Madden 23.

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    The yearly Madden installments continue with Madden 23, available on current and prior generation consoles and PC. Madden 23 is an American football game where players pick existing teams or build dream rosters of real-life professional NFL players. Over 20 different game modes are available to play in the recent installment, from a quick play mode to the all-new John Madden Legacy Mode. The new game mode allows players to experience a unique dream scenario featuring the late John Madden in different time periods coaching against one another with all-star players slotted into each team. In addition, the franchise mode has also been expanded, featuring several new agency options. The next-gen console versions of the game feature significantly improved animations for players and increased environmental details. Madden 23 was released on August 19 2022 and features a unique set of covers honoring the game’s inspiration, John Madden.

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