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Where to Find (& Get) Nagadus Emerald Chunks in Genshin Impact

Nagadus Emerald Chunks are a new character ascension material in Genshin Impact, used for leveling up Dendro characters like Collei and Tighnari.

Nagadus Emerald Chunks are a new Ascension Material introduced in Genshin Impact 3.0. These special materials are used to ascend new Genshin Impact Dendro characters Collei and Tighnari. There will likely be more Dendro characters added in the future who use these materials as well. Long-time players haven’t been able to amass these Ascension Materials like they have some of the other items in the game for much longer, so it’s important to get them quickly.


The Nagadus Emerald Chunks are the third tier in character Ascension Materials, and several others are related to them. The materials from lowest to highest tiers include: Nagadus Emerald Slivers, Nagadus Emerald Fragments, Nagadus Emerald Chunks, and Nagadus Emerald Gemstones. Ultimately, players will need all these materials to ascend Dendro characters and get them to max level in Genshin Impact.

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With the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date being so recent, there are currently only a few ways to get Nagadus Emerald Chunks. Likely, players will have other options available to them as more content is released and additional areas in Sumeru and beyond are unveiled. For now, players have the following options as ways to get Nagadus Emerald Chunks.

Getting Nagadus Emerald Chunks in Genshin Impact

One of the quickest ways to get Nagadus Emerald Chunks and other related Ascension Materials is by defeating the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. The Jadeplume Terrorshroom is located inside a cave in northwestern Sumeru in the Vanarana region. It is one of the new world bosses in Sumeru released alongside Genshin Impact’s Electro Regisvine. Players can see the icon for the Jadeplume Terrorshroom on the map, which helps when navigating there for the first time. Nagadus Emerald Chunks are one of many potential rewards that players can earn from defeating it, including other Nagadus Emerald materials.

Players can also get a single Nagadus Emerald Chunk from three Nagadus Emerald Fragments by visiting a crafting bench. Crafting benches are found in each of the major cities in Genshin Impact across the four nations. After defeating the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, players will likely have some lower-tier Nagadus Emerald materials required to craft Nagadus Emerald Chunks.

While there, players can also use the crafting bench’s convert function to get more Nagadus Emerald Chunks. The convert function uses Dust of Azoth to turn other character Ascension Materials like Vajrada Amethyst Chunks or Prithiva Topaz Chunks into Nagadus Emerald Chunks. It isn’t cheap to do so, however. It takes eight Dust of Azoth along with one equivalent character Ascension Material to complete the conversion. For fewer Dust of Azoth, players can convert lower-tier materials into Nagadus Emerald materials also. Players can get more Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact from the Stardust Exchange in Paimon’s shop.

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