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Chantel Jimeno’s Best Pics From Summer 2022

Chantel Jimeno recently went through a painful split with her husband Pedro, but The Family Chantel star got to heal and move on over the summer.

Chantel Jimeno was in a low place while filming The Family Chantel season 4, but at least she got to enjoy her summer this year. Chantel is known for her sometimes dramatic personality in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise; however, she has recently demonstrated a more mature side as she deals with her painful divorce from her estranged husband, Pedro Jimeno. Chantel has been candid about her healing process but still made time to have a great summer, which is evident on her Instagram.


Chantel and Pedro, who aren’t in love, experienced some marital problems that ended their relationship during The Family Chantel season 4. Pedro became cold and distant and started insulting his wife and critiquing her behavior. He then stopped coming home from work, properly communicating with Chantel, or being intimate with her. Pedro’s actions led Chantel to do everything she could to hold on to her marriage and get him to stay. However, Pedro chose to move out and file for divorce. Since the filing, Chantel has alleged Pedro was also unfaithful.

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The Family Chantel season 4 finale saw Pedro announce he was filing the divorce papers. While Chantel made it clear that she didn’t want her marriage to end, she also accepted Pedro’s decision and moved on with her life. Many The Family Chantel fans have rooted for Chantel to succeed after seeing how much Pedro hurt her. Fortunately, Chantel, who is moving on from Pedro, appears to be in a happier place over the past few months.

Chantel Jimeno From The Family Chantel Struts Her Stuff

Chantel was shown in the throes of emotional devastation on The Family Chantel, but she made it clear on Instagram that she bounced back for the summer. In an Instagram video, Chantel declared her single status in iconic fashion by wearing this gorgeous lavender dress. The Family Chantel star added audio in reference to the Love Island, making it clear that she was single and looking to mingle. Chantel’s bold video earned over a million viewers and sparked rumors that the rapper Drake was interested in her.

Chantel Jimeno From The Family Chantel Modeling

Chantel had been honest that some days are easier than others. However, she has been getting her groove back since her split with help from her friends and family. Chantel shared a professional photo shoot she did with her brother, The Family Chantel‘s Riverknight Everett, a musician, wearing a stunning hot pink dress. The Family Chantel star wowed in the photo; however, she turned off the comments, likely due to the outpouring of interest in her divorce. It is clear that Chantel has spent a lot of time with her family and friends this summer, but she is also focused on herself.

Chantel Jimeno From The Family Chantel At Disneyland

While Chantel has been taking the time to heal, The Family Chantel star has also been living her life. Chantel enjoyed a girls’ trip to Disneyland with her friends, dressing up and enjoying the getaway. Many fans loved seeing Chantel live her life and have fun with her friends. The Family Chantel star has also enjoyed a number of trips and tropical getaways that appear to have helped restore her spirit since her painful split. Luckily, Chantel, who is better off without Pedro, has a wonderful support system, which helped make this summer the best one yet.

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