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Scotty The Rescue Dog Will Make Your D&D Game Cuter (For A Good Cause)

The mobile game Dungeons & Dragons mobile game Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms will receive an adorable dog familiar with a charity incentive.

The Dungeons & Dragons mobile title Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms will be receiving a new canine familiar with a charity incentive. The Idle Champions spin-off is about smaller Dungeons & Dragons campaigns that players can progress through in shorter bursts while still offering many D&D elements players know and love. Now players will get the chance to acquire a special new familiar while also helping gaming-centric charity Take This.


In Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, the core focus of the gameplay revolves around strategy and teambuilding. Players will embark on official Dungeons & Dragons adventures with a team of champions, and will need to figure out the best ways to assemble this party for the different layouts of each campaign. This gives the game a mix of strategy and puzzle elements while still utilizing the worlds and characters of Dungeons & Dragons, making it the choice of many D&D players looking to diversify their gameplay. Players can also purchase DLC packs for Idle Champions, which include special familiars and skins.

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The Idle Champions Twitter account has announced a new collaboration with the mental health charity Take This. A new and adorable familiar for Idle Champions named Scotty the Rescue Pup is now available for purchase, and for the first week the net amount earned from player purchases will be donated to Take This. Take This is a charity that focuses on erasing the stigma of mental health in the gaming community, and all proceeds will go toward providing players with mental health resources.

D&D Idle Champions Collaboration Helps Take This In An Adorable Way

A collaboration like this one is the perfect way for Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions players to help an excellent cause while also receiving something adorable in return. While charity events for mainline Dungeons & Dragons are a fairly common occurrence, it’s not often that players can help a cause directly. This is especially true for players of spin-off titles like Idle Champions, which typically don’t get as much of a focus as their source material.

Scotty is an incredibly cute familiar that many fans would be happy to use alongside their team of champions, but many players often have a tough time justifying a DLC purchase simply for aesthetic reasons. However, with this new partnership with Take This, players can purchase Scotty the Rescue Pup as a familiar and know that their money is going towards supporting mental health. This charitable collaboration likely wasn’t something most Dungeons and Dragons fans expected from 2022, making the adorable announcement a welcome surprise for many Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms players.

Source: Idle Champions/Twitter

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