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Wolverine Game Comes Early In Marvel’s Spider-Man Mod

Fans may be able to get a taste of Insomniac’s upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine a little early, thanks to one fan’s Wolverine mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man for PC. Sony has earned an infamous reputation through the years for keeping its exclusives close to the chest. However, with the successful release of PlayStation classics like Spider-Man and God of War for PC, these games can now enjoy one of the finer aspects of PC gaming culture in the form of outlandish mods.


Spider-Man has led a privileged life in video gaming compared to most superheroes. While not all of his games were home runs, the Webhead had an ample supply of digital hits, including Maximum Carnage, the revolutionary Neversoft Spider-Man titles of the early 2000s, and multi-verse bender Shattered Dimensions. In 2018, Insomniac Games would prove just how amazing Spider-Man could be with Marvel’s Spider-Man and its spectacular open world. After spawning a similarly impressive spin-off entitled Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and a much-anticipated remastered port for PC, fans were eager for the Webslinger’s next adventure. While Insomniac did indeed reveal a Spidey sequel in 2021, it also surprised everyone with a teaser alongside the new Spider-Man game, the upcoming Sony exclusive, Marvel’s Wolverine.

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IGN recently showcased a new PC mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man made by a fan who seems very anxious for Insomniac’s new Wolverine game. This simple mod, brought to players by Nexus Mods member maraboe, reskins the beloved Webhead, allowing fans to play the game as Wolverine instead. While the rest of Marvel’s Spider-Man remains unaltered, the cosmetic mod does a fantastic job presenting a playable Wolverine with its smooth textures and animations. Though the ever-present web-slinging and Peter Parker’s upbeat sarcasm dampen the illusion a bit, it’s still impressive how naturally Wolverine slips into the game’s heroic combat, slashing his way through New York City and the Inner Demons. The mod also features another cosmetic treat not showcased in IGN’s video: a terrifying Symbiote version of Wolverine, which replaces the Scarlet II Spider suit.

Wolverine Claws His Way Into Spider-Man’s New York

With the woefully brief teaser trailer for the anticipated Marvel’s Wolverine debuting over a year ago, maraboe’s Spider-Man mod might be the best example of what the gameplay of Insomniac’s elusive project could look like. Given Wolverine’s reputation as a tough, raging brawler, it’s no surprise that he looked right at home amidst Spider-Man‘s multi-enemy combat encounters. Interestingly, Wolverine’s last solo video game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, also featured him fighting hordes of enemies in fast-paced combat. However, unlike the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Wolverine reveled in what he did best in all its M-rated glory. The positive reception of Origins‘ violent offerings further begs the question as to what tone Insomniac will adopt for the game.

As players anxiously await Insomniac’s next game, following the reveal of Wolverine in a classic Marvel trope, the Wolverine mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man may be just the thing to tide them over. While maraboe’s mod shows that Wolverine’s combat can potentially be fun without excessive violence, it might be tough for Insomniac to convey the proper tone of Wolverine’s character without it. Hopefully, Insomniac will reveal more details about Marvel’s Wolverine soon.

Source: IGN, IGN/YouTube, Nexus Mods/maraboe

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