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How to Unlock Mounts in Lord of the Rings Online

To unlock a Permanent Mount in Lord of the Ring Online, adventurers must acquire a particular Basic Riding Trait that allows them to ride Mounts.

Similar to Final Fantasy XIV, the Lord of the Rings Online features a wide variety of Mounts from which to ride. Most adventurers will likely start with a simple Bree-land Starter Steed. However, they can eventually work their way towards earning prestigious rides like the Prized Tundra Steed or Prized Ale Association Goat. Such magnificent Mounts in this MMORG not only help players traverse the world more quickly but also display the owners’ mettle and diligent efforts.


Accordingly, a horse to ride is one of the first things that adventurers will want to unlock within the first few hours of their journey in Lord of the Rings Online. Most MMOs provide players with Mount after the tutorial. However, LOTR fans might be confused as to why they do not receive any rideable creature after the starting section of the game. In particular, newcomers from The Ring Of Power series are likely eager to ride atop their steeds while exploring the vast world of Middle Earth.

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Similar to how there is a complex yet straightforward process of unlocking a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV, Lord of the Rings Online provides players with their first Mount once certain conditions have been met. According to the community-run Lotro-Wiki, adventurers must first acquire the Riding Skill, a Basic Riding Trait required for purchasing any of the Permanent Mounts available for beginners.

Unlocking Mounts in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

Both free-to-play and premium VIP players must purchase the Riding Skill from the LOTRO Store for 95 Lotro Points, also referred to as LP. Lotro Points can be earned in several ways, the first being through currency purchases made with real-world money. This action can be done in-game within the LOTRO Store. On the other hand, those who do not wish to spend their money can earn LP for free by completing Deeds, special tasks that can be viewed in the Deed Log. Typically, players will earn 5 to 10 LP per Deed, but players should be able to complete several within their corresponding starting town.

After earning 95 LP, purchase the Riding Skill from the LOTRO Store. Next, head to the town’s Stable Master to unlock a Mount with in-game currency in Lord of the Rings Online. Alternatively, players can acquire the Riding Skill for free at Level 20. However, most experienced players discourage newcomers from waiting, as the leveling process can potentially take dozens of hours, depending on an individual’s availability.

Source: Lotro-Wiki

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