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The Zodiac Signs Of Cobra Kai Characters

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles from The Karate Kid franchise and continue the story 30 years later in Cobra Kai. The series has introduced quite a few new characters, but the focus remains on the conflicting styles of Cobra Kai, Mr. Miyagi, and the feud that results, demonstrating how people can get caught up in the differences.

Cobra Kai is populated by the children of the main characters and their friends as the show pays homage to the original films. Each new and original character has a well-developed personality and their own strengths and weaknesses that align with each zodiac sign’s tendencies.


Updated on September 22nd, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: With each new season of Cobra Kai comes new faces for the audience to get to know. Some are members of the new generation of fighters, while others are actually from Daniel and Johnny’s Karate Kid past. As a result, there are a lot of big personalities in the show, but they’re all easy to find representation for in the Western zodiac. As Season 5 brings new layers to some of the more familiar characters, the audience also gets to understand those personalities even better.

Daniel LaRusso And Mike Barnes: Aries

Daniel has a similar personality to the Aries sign as he is a confident and determined character who is usually honest and optimistic in most of his life, especially when he’s working on his personal passions of karate, being with his family, and working at the auto dealership. Although he tries his best to be zen and balanced like Mr. Miyagi taught him, Daniel still has a short temper and an aggressive and impulsive side that he hasn’t learned how to control.

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Though over the course of the show, Daniel learns to temper his impulsive Aries nature, that’s not true of Mike Barnes, who emerges in Season 5 from Daniel’s past. Mike is often ready to rush into a situation without all of the information because he’s fueled by passion and the love he has for his family. It’s no wonder that he and Daniel come into conflict so much as they really are a lot alike.

Miguel Diaz And Chozen Toguchi: Taurus

Miguel is the first student of Johnny’s new Cobra Kai whom everyone wants to see succeed. Miguel has similar characteristics to the Taurus sign’s personality as he is a stable, practical, and reliable character. He tends to be one of the most responsible characters of the series, especially in relation to his father figure Johnny. Although Miguel’s a great kid, he can be stubborn and uncompromising at times even when he’s in the wrong.

It’s not hard to think that Miguel might grow up in a similar way to Chozen as both have an appreciation for routine and stability. Chozen, after years of training, follows a strict schedule that he doesn’t interrupt even while traveling to California to help Daniel. Chozen is also still in love with the same woman he met as a teenager, but his fear of change has prevented him from telling her how he feels. That’s definitely relatable for a Taurus.

Sam LaRusso And Kenny Payne: Gemini

Sam is a gentle and affectionate character who cares deeply for her family and friends at school. She’s also adaptable and doesn’t stand down when she sees someone being treated badly, like when she catches her boyfriend Kyler bullying Miguel. On the other hand, she tends to be nervous and indecisive, and it took her a while to understand she needs to stand up for herself and for others. Among the Cobra Kai zodiac signs, Sam is a Gemini, often the chameleon of the zodiac because they’re able to fit in anywhere, just as Sam moves seamlessly from the popular crowd to the outcasts, embracing both.

Kenny and Sam might not seem like they have a lot in common, but like Sam, Kenny moves from one crowd to another, embracing the chance to make himself into almost a whole new person. Kenny, like Sam, is also initially indecisive about his actions. While in Cobra Kai, he first defers to Robby, and then Kyler, and then Silver, about making decisions before deciding to take on a leadership role himself.

Tory Nichols And Carmen Diaz: Cancer

Tory is a hardworking, tenacious, and loyal character who becomes friendly with everyone at Cobra Kai, Miguel and Aisha in particular. She and Miguel begin a relationship even as he’s still pining for Sam after their break-up. Tory is suspicious and tends not to trust anyone, opting for a tough exterior, and she becomes insecure in her relationship with Miguel as she sees he still has feelings for Sam. All of Tory’s strengths and weaknesses are similar to the Cancer sign’s personality.

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Tory shares a lot of those traits, surprisingly, with Miguel’s mother, Carmen. Just like Tory, Carmen isn’t quick to trust others, and she’s incredibly in tune with her own emotions, and the emotions of others, more observant than some would give her credit for. She also sees the good in Johnny, even though others might not, just as Tory sees the good in Cobra Kai, even as she succumbs to her anger.

Robby Keene And Yasmine: Leo

Robby goes through an incredible change throughout the well-received Cobra Kai series as he begins the series a lost kid with no direction and begins to show that he’s warm-hearted, generous, and passionate by the second season. Although Robby’s changed a lot, he can still be stubborn and self-centered like when he didn’t tell Sam that Miguel was the one who returned Mr. Miyagi’s medal. All of these strengths and weaknesses are similar to the Leo sign.

Like Robby, Yasmine, formerly the most popular girl in school, shares a lot of these traits. She prefers to be the center of attention, which causes a lot of her bullying in the early episodes of the series. Over time, she shows that she, too, has a heart as she befriends Dimitri and learns from her mistakes.

Demetri Alexopoulos And Terry Silver: Virgo

Demetri is a loyal and analytical character who doesn’t want to be pulled into the world of karate but finds himself forced to when he loses the friends who joined Cobra Kai. He decides to join Miyagi-do so he can defend himself. He is shy, even though he is trying to gain more confidence, and has a strong tendency to worry about every little thing, which makes his personality similar to the Virgo sign. Virgos are perfectionists and planners, which falls right in line with Demetri wanting to understand his training immediately.

Because Virgos are often seen as the mom-friend in a group, it might be surprising to think of Silver as a Virgo. Silver embodies what happens when Virgos use their skills for evil though. Silver has honed his fears and insecurities to turn them into goals he can follow, like his need to leave a legacy behind. He also plans for every possible disruption of his plans. It’s fitting that Demetri is the one who figures out how to get into Cobra Kai’s security system then.

Aisha Robinson And Ali Mills: Libra

Aisha is a fair-minded and diplomatic character who has a similar personality to the Libra sign as she doesn’t choose fighting first, even after she joins Cobra Kai and becomes more confident. She would still rather talk through a problem, but she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She tends to carry a grudge (though it’s often warranted, such as with her bully, Yasmine), and she had a tendency toward self-pity, especially before joining Cobra Kai.

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Libras are often noted as peacemakers, able to see all the sides of an argument to broker a deal. That’s why Ali is also a Libra. She makes her return to the world of Karate Kid in season 3, and she’s quickly in the middle of Johnny and Daniel’s rivalry, seeing how they’re both leaving details of their conflict out, sussing out the truth easily.

John Kreese: Scorpio

John Kreese was another original character from The Karate Kid franchise, and more original Karate Kid characters could appear in later seasons. Kreese had a significant role in the second season of the series when he returned to the Cobra Kai dojo as a passionate Sensei with his own ulterior motives. He’s a stubborn and resourceful character who tends to be secretive. Scorpios tend to play their cards close to their chest, but they’re very aggressive when they want to solve a problem. Kreese is an easy match for Scorpio in the Cobra Kai zodiac signs.

Anthony LaRusso And Devon Lee: Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus might not be in the official zodiac lineup, but it’s often called the forgotten zodiac sign, much like Anthony seems to be forgotten by the rest of his family. Passing through the sky between Scorpio and Sagittarius, the sign has a combination of traits from the other two. Ophiuchus has the aggressive approach to wants like a Scorpio, but the love of freedom and blunt nature of a Sagittarius. Anthony’s tendency to blurt out whatever he’s thinking and separate himself from family activities certainly fits the bill.

Devon has the fierce approach to achieving goals as a Scorpio or a Capricorn does, but she also wants to do things her way. She’s repeatedly offered the chance to succeed as a star of Cobra Kai, but doesn’t like their approach, and doesn’t hesitate to tell her sensei just that. Devon, like Anthony, makes for a great Ophiuchus.

Johnny Lawrence And Kyler Park: Sagittarius

Johnny Lawrence’s dialoge displays his great sense of humor, and although he’s not always idealistic and generous, he does believe that he can change Cobra Kai and be a good and supportive sensei to his students. Although he’s trying his best to change, he tends to say whatever is on his mind without much of a filter and sometimes promises more than he can deliver. All of these strengths and weaknesses are similar to the Sagittarius sign’s personality.

Johnny tends to embody a lot of the positive traits of a Sagittarius. He tells great stories, makes people laugh, and encourages people to embrace what makes them unique. He’s all about the freedom of a Sagittarius. Kyler, on the other hand, tends to embody the more negative traits of the sign. His blunt nature and need to see himself as free leads to him bullying others. Likewise, he’s all big talk, but not a lot of follow through, making him a bully who gets others to do his dirty work.

Amanda LaRusso And Louie LaRusso: Capricorn

Amanda is similar to the Capricorn personality as she is a responsible and disciplined character with great self-control that completely contrasts her husband’s impulsive behavior. She is the successful CEO of the auto group that she and Daniel own, and she’s a respected leader. She tends to be a character who knows everything and is strict and unforgiving at times, even though she’s a caring mother, wife and businesswoman.

Amanda would probably be surprised that she has anything in common with her husband’s cousin Louie, but they’re more alike than they think. They both put their family and the family business first. Louie just doesn’t have the same head for business that Amanda does. He’s still hardworking and incredibly loyal, just like she is.

Eli Moskowitz/Hawk: Aquarius

Eli is a character who has changed a lot throughout the series and has a similar personality to the Aquarius sign. He becomes an independent and unique character when he decides to “flip the script” and change his approach to life after being a shy kid to being an outspoken leader. Although he’s more confident as Hawk, he tends to be temperamental, uncompromising, and aloof with anger issues as he attacks and fights his best friend over a minor problem. Hawk truly represents the best and worst bits of an Aquarius as he desires to stand apart, but sometimes forgets about how his actions affect others.

Stingray And Moon: Pisces

Raymond, eventually called Stingray, is a new student to Cobra Kai in the second season, and he is significantly older than the mostly teenaged class. He has a difficult time fitting in at first, but he is passionate about karate and becomes close with the other students once he proves himself. He has a strong desire to escape reality and live a different life than he was leading, and Pisces are certainly known for their love of escapism.

Of course, Pisces are also often called the most spiritual of the zodiac, which is why Moon also fits in with the sign. She’s more likely to take a creative approach to problem solving and lose herself in a good song than she is to learn to throw a punch. These two illustrate just how different two people can be, but still find similar traits in the Cobra Kai characters’ zodiac signs.

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