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One Piece Just Gave An Unexpected Straw Hat Pirate Conqueror’s Haki

One Piece reveals that the one of the last Straw Hats anyone would expect may be able to wield the power of Conqueror’s Haki.

Contains spoilers for One Piece chapter #1058As one of the earliest characters ever introduced in the series, Nami has been a One Piece mainstay from its very inception. Though some might forget Nami was one of the original main characters, series author Eichiro Oda has once again made sure to remind fans by giving her one hell of a powerup

Chapter 1058 of One Piece is a classic post-arc chapter that deals with events occurring simultaneously elsewhere from the Straw Hat Crew, as well as updating each of the crew member’s bounties. Before any of this world-building can take place, readers are shown just why Nami’s wrath is one to be feared. Because of Luffy’s foolishness when it came to leaving Wano without saying anything and randomly picking a direction, Nami was infuriated and quite literally locked the young captain in a cage. Nami’s bout of rage even startles Jinbe who makes a shocking observation about her sheer force of will.


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Jinbe notes that Nami is currently displaying Conqueror’s Haki while yelling at Luffy. This might seem like a gag at first but upon further inspection, Nami’ss rage actually is producing a small amount of black lightning, the series’s main way of illustrating Conqueror’s Haki whenever it shows up. This black lightning appears multiple times throughout One Piece and can be traced back to other displays of power between Conqueror’s Haki users such as Kaido and Shanks. Even being able to emanate a small amount of Conqueror’s Haki is no small feat and it’s very unlikely a seasoned martial artist like Jinbe would make a mistake in identifying such a unique power.

Nami was one of One Piece’s original three Straw Hats and has constantly played a central role in the story, functioning almost like an emotional anchor for the crew. Many fans consider the Arlong Arc, a story that dealt heavily with Nami and her past, to be where One Piece truly picks up. She has always remained one of the three most important characters in the series, alongside Zoro and Luffy, and it really isn’t that far-fetched for her to join the other two as a Conqueror’s Haki user. Even her dream could be considered that of a conqueror, as she wants to make a map of the entire world, essentially conquering every sea there is. Additionally, Oda has made it very clear that he wants Usopp specifically to remain the weakest Straw Hat in terms of combat ability and giving Nami this boost in power would certainly cement that status for the crew’s resident sniper, as the two of them are often considered the Straw Hat’s weakest links.

One Piece has no shortage of surprises with every chapter released and this small hint at Nami’s true power may be foreshadowing a major development in the future. Though she may be known as one of the weaker Straw Hats when it comes to combat, clearly, Nami is no pushover and will only continue to get stronger.

One Piece Chapter #1058 is available now on Viz.

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