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Storm & Magneto Are The Ultimate X-Men Power Couple

X-Men Red #6 sees Storm and Magneto combine their powers in the most incredible way, proving themselves Marvel’s ultimate power couple.

This article contains spoilers for X-Men Red #6The X-Men‘s Storm and Magneto are the ultimate power couple. When Professor X and Magneto established the mutant nation of Krakoa, they ushered in what will surely be considered the golden age of the mutant race. The mutants have expanded into the stars, claiming the planet Mars as a sovereign mutant world, Arakko. Meanwhile, they’ve continued to use their powers in creative new ways.

The X-Men have discovered the potential of so-called “circuits,” when mutants use their powers in synergy. The X-Men’s mutant Resurrection Protocols are the perfect example, with five mutants combining their powers to literally raise the dead. Another circuit has begun to raid a plane of existence that lies at the very heart of the multiverse, retrieving a precious metal that has now turned into a galactic currency. Unfortunately, all these achievements have earned the mutants enemies; the Resurrection Protocols in particular have earned the ire of the Eternals. Uranos, the most powerful of all the Eternals, was unleashed on the planet Arakko.


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The aftermath of Uranos’ attack is told in X-Men: Red #6, by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli. Although Uranos has withdrawn, his murder machines are still slaughtering millions. Magneto – near death, only keeping the blood flowing through his veins by magnetically controlling the iron in his own blood – is desperately fighting in Arakko’s defense. To the amazement of the Arakkii he is reinforced by Storm, and the two establish a circuit unlike anything ever seen. Their powers naturally attune, and Storm freely offers her own energy to sustain him. Arakko is an individualistic society, and the synergy between Storm and Magneto is like nothing they have ever seen before.

As Storm reflects, the synergy the two mutants are sharing is not just unusual on Arakko; it is a societal rule broken, shattered because by combining their powers in this way Storm and Magneto are infinitely more powerful. They are able to combine their powers to do what the individual mutants of Arakko could not, and begin destroying Uranos’ murder machines. The demonstration of power is all the more significant given both Storm and Magneto sit on Arakko’s ruling Great Ring.

The effectiveness of the circuit shared by Magneto and Storm rests upon their years of experience. The X-Men were a school first and foremost, and Storm was one of Professor X’s best students. Magneto, meanwhile, has always sought ways to combine his powers with those of others. Together, as they prove in X-Men Red #6, they are the ultimate power couple.

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