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10 Opinions Of The Vampire Diaries Worth Fighting For, According To Reddit

As always, The Vampire Diaries remains in the news well after the series concluded thanks to its recent move from Netflix to streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock. On top of that, creator Julie Plec is hard at work on another new show and It will be interesting to know if she can engage the fans as much as The Vampire Diaries still engages fans to this day.

Whether it’s sharing their love for the storylines and characters, frowning at the biggest plot holes of the show, or sharing passionate opinions with one another, the fans are still very active and the fandom is very much still alive.


Was It The Sire Bond?

“Elena didn’t fall in love with Damon because she was sired to him. She was sired to him BECAUSE she was in love with him!” said Reddit user themeriff117. Fans of Stefan and Elena often say that it was sire bond’s fault that Elena’s relationship with Stefan ended, but she already had moments of attraction and even some feelings way before she ever turned into a vampire.

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In episode “Heart Of Darkness,” it was Elena that initiated a kiss with Damon after she realized that he’s a better person than he lets everyone see. And when Stefan left because of Klaus, Damon was always there for her. It was only natural for feelings of trust to grow into something else.

Tyler Deserved Better

“Tyler deserved a better ending. Imo he was one of the most underutilized characters,” said Reddit user StuckInDreams. They created the whole werewolf storyline for Tyler, and then they just dropped it when it stopped being convenient.

His death was also very lackluster in the eyes of many, and after being a regular for so many years, he deserved such a better ending than what he got. He also deserved more character development and more personal scenes with other main characters, like Elena, who he had strong friend chemistry with.

Katherine Should Have Died

Katherine is one of the fandom’s favorite characters. She won everyone over with her impeccable style, sense of humor, and by being a badass. But some fans feel her welcome on the show was overstayed. “Katherine should have died already. Her character started being hella boring and weak. She should have died as a badass,” said brave Reddit user Business-Zucchini-71.

The character does seem to get overused in later seasons, and her personality seems to change for the worse. She goes from a calculating survivor to an ignorant and evil person. By the time the audience has to deal with Katherine hijacking Elena’s body, which was an underwhelming plot of the show, they were kind of fed up with her.

On Stefan And Caroline

While some fans are convinced that Caroline’s comment about planning a June wedding was a sign that they were planned since the beginning, many think that it wasn’t so, and even more, that Stefan and Caroline have no romantic chemistry, and were better off as friends.

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Reddit user sugarcherriepops even pointed out that Caroline seemed to have been Stefan’s last choice. “Stefan actually never loved Caroline, he just cared for her as a friend. Caroline deserved better than being a second choice.” Shippers of this romance are sure to fight these claims back with their own views.

Bonnie Isn’t All That

The TVD fandom does not take kindly if anyone dares speak a word against Bonnie, but Reddit user gerardx17 still felt compelled to share their thoughts. “Bonnie is overhyped and overrated. I get it, she’s your fave, and you think she is the most powerful in the universe. She isn’t, she could have died in a split second at any time.”

Compared to other strong witches on the show, Bonnie does seem to be less powerful than most. It feels like the potential of her character wasn’t brought out fully, as she could have been much stronger. She also had her flaws and continuously acted with little to no mercy, so she was almost like a villain.

Stefan Didn’t Love Elena

“I honestly find it hard to believe that Stefan was ever actually in love with Elena. He treated her like trash, never showed her his true personality, and only noticed her because she looked like Katherine,” said Reddit user sapphicsato. This is a strong take on one of the most popular ships from the show.

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While many think Stefan and Elena were soulmates, a lot of people actually disagree. Whether they believe Stelena is a good ship, however, saying that Stefan didn’t love Elena feels like a stretch. He risked his life for her plenty of times, they had great chemistry, and he often put her wants in front of everything else.

John Gilbert Doesn’t Deserve All The Hate

“John Gilbert is a good character and antagonist and he doesn’t deserve that much hate,” said Reddit user jodlad04. Of course, many fans hated John when first watching the show simply because they were rooting for the vampires. But his views make a lot more sense after thinking for a bit.

He knew how dangerous vampires were and simply wanted to protect his daughter. In the end, he ends up sacrificing his life so Elena can stay human for a while longer. He also had a strong set of principles that he never strayed from.

Stefan Isn’t The Better Brother

Damon was always the villain because as he said in one of the quotes that sum him up, he didn’t mind being one to get things done. But many people fail to see that Stefan wasn’t a saint either. “Stefan is still a serial killer who has butchered entire villages, there is no better brother,” said Reddit user Radiant-Flamingo-72.

Not only was he the one responsible for making Damon a vampire against his wishes, but he had other flaws as well. His obsessive nature didn’t allow him to let Elena be, he just “had” to know her, and therefore introduced her into the life that would cost her nearly everything.

Both Ships Are Toxic

The battle of Stelena vs. Delena was the biggest argument TVD fans got into. The Stefan and Elena fans love to attack their love triangle opponent by calling Damon and Elena toxic, which they were – even self-proclaimed in season 5. However, they were not the only ones. Reddit user sapphicsato said: “Stelena was toxic as hell, but nobody wants to see it because all they have to compare it to is Delena, which is even worse.”

Stefan continuously lied to her, stalked her, put her in a dangerous situation by dating a human when he couldn’t even control his urges for blood well. Neither of these was a healthy relationship, in fact, it’s doubtful such a thing even existed on this show.

Mistreatment of Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert seemed to have struck a nerve in many people because they just could not stand her. “People attack Elena for crying when she lost her family, yet people go and admit to crying when their favorite character dies. Seems a little hypocritical to me. Not saying you have to like Elena but at least give a valid reason because ‘she cries too much’ seems like an excuse at this point,” said Reddit user hdjdjdkenendn.

Considering the amount of trauma she endured throughout the show, it’s rather surprising that Elena did not end up needing to be hospitalized, because that would be too much for just about anyone. But it seems like having genuine emotions and crying about her losses is too self-involved and according to many fans, she should have just sucked it up.

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