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10 Other Pixar Sequels That Should Happen, According To Reddit

While some fans were disappointed by D23, expectations were more than met when it came to Pixar’s presentation, as the studio announced Inside Out 2. The first Inside Out undoubtedly has so much potential for a sequel, and it could go in all sorts of different directions, but it isn’t the only Pixar movie that should get a follow-up.

Users have stormed to subreddits to argue which Pixar film they think deserves a sequel the most. Between movies with rich worlds that should be explored further, underserved box office bombs, and yet another Toy Story film, some are more likely than others.


A Bug’s Life 2

A Bug’s Life was the second movie Pixar made, as it swiftly followed Toy Story, but it was nowhere near as successful. The film was still way better than Antz, which was strangely released at the same time, but it still underperformed and didn’t enjoy the same glowing reviews as Toy Story.

However, ButterfliesAreCute thinks there should be a sequel and even has an idea about how it could work. The Redditor pitches, “Since the screen did go black before Hopper was eaten by the baby birds, someone saved Hopper in time and he wants revenge against Atta and Flik.” When it comes to movies and TV, the rule of thumb is that if a character dies off-screen, they probably didn’t die and will likely return at some point, so the user could be on the money.


It’d be hard to make a sequel to WALL-E, as the film wrapped up everything perfectly, and the credits also depicted the following hundreds of years of the Earth being rebuilt. If there was a sequel, it’d have to take place hundreds of years later and it’d essentially tell the same story about how humans destroyed the planet.

But that’s why Pixarfan1 suggests a prequel. The Redditor interestingly notes, “I would look to see a prequel about WALL-E’s time on Earth alone or about the Axiom’s 800 years in space.” The prequel could tell the two stories alongside each other, and while there’d be even less dialogue than the original movie, it’d be a great glimpse into the world that WALL-E hinted at.

Lightyear 2

The spin-off might be the worst movie in the Toy Story franchise and it totally bombed at the box office, but Lightyear was still full of exciting moments and was a fun space odyssey, something that was original for Pixar. The ending hints at Lightyear, Sox, and the rest of the crew going on more adventures together, and a post-credits screen reveals that Zurg is still alive too.

Though they admit that it’s unlikely given the film’s box office performance, Mattwolf96 wants to see a Lightyear 2. The Redditor comments, “I hope we get one as I am curious where the story could go. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen with its underwhelming box office performance. Maybe a Disney+ series would be possible but I doubt it.” However, if it was a Disney+ series, Disney may as well just upload the beloved animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command onto the streaming platform.

Toy Story 5

A lot of fans might argue that Toy Story 5 isn’t necessary and that it shouldn’t happen, but everybody said that about Toy Story 4 too — and the 2019 movie ended up being just as great as the previous films and made almost $1.1 billion at the box office (according to Box Office Mojo). And based on the box office result alone, a Toy Story 5 is an almost certainty, as Pixar would be leaving a ton of money on the table otherwise.

Senioreem is one of the fans who would love to see a fifth entry in the series, noting, “They should do it as Bonnie grows up and Andy has kids and wants them to experience what he did with the Toys.” While it might be hard to logistically put together after Woody and Buzz’s emotional goodbye at the end of Toy Story 4, there are now so many toys in the franchise that new characters could lead another film.

Monsters Inc. 2

Though Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters, Inc., Reddit user Zeppelinberry wants to see a proper sequel to the events of the 2001 movie. Referring to the canceled sequel, Monsters Inc: Lost In Scaradise, the Redditor mentions, “It’s simply fantastic and would still be cool to see.” It’s a wonder why the sequel never happened, as it sounds way better than what fans got with Monsters University.

Monsters, Inc. has a Disney+ series spin-off, Monsters at Work, but that would hardly get in the way if Pixar did greenlight a sequel. The series is mostly inconsequential to the world at large, and it definitely doesn’t contradict anything that’s in the Lost in Scaradise screenplay, so a Monsters Inc. 2 is still a possibility.

Incredibles 3

Incredibles 2 didn’t blow audiences’ minds or was as original as any of the Toy Story sequels, but it did tell another engaging and entertaining story in the colorful world that audiences love. However, Itspozo has an idea that could take the Incredibles series to that Toy Story sequel-like next level. The Redditor pitches, “Family fighting Jack-Jack as he broke, can’t keep track of his powers and mentally breaks.”

Incredibles 3‘s villain being Jack-Jack is a stroke of genius, as it’d massively increase the stakes, and it actually makes sense, as though the toddler can’t necessarily control his powers yet, he seems to enjoy causing chaos a little too much. When Jack-Jack was fighting the raccoon in Incredibles 2, he was 100% the bad guy in that situation.

Ratatouille 2

Kromage911 wants to see a Ratatouille 2, and even though Ratatouille seemed very much standalone and doesn’t really need a sequel, they have an interesting concept. The Redditor explains, “I feel that a Ratatouille sequel could be great, especially in a different setting. It’s my favorite Pixar film and I just love some of its characters way too much.”

Now might be the perfect time to strike with a Ratatouille 2, as the newly released and hugely successful Everything Everywhere All at Once parodies it most hilariously with “Raccoonie.” And as fans also want a live-action Ratatouille, Everything Everywhere proved that it’s very much possible.

Onward 2

Onward is one of the most recent Pixar movies and it went totally under the radar. The movie bombed at the box office, and it’s the only theatrically-released Pixar movie that made less than its budget. However, that wasn’t because the film was bad or even because it was badly marketed. The movie was unluckily released right on the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic and just as restrictions were being put in place.

Daddymonster1 thinks a sequel would be incredible, noting, “Onward has such a great world and such great characters to further explore (imagine Ian and especially Barley somehow going back in time to when their land was magical or some storyline like that.)” Unfortunately, even though it’s a victim of circumstance, it’s unlikely that fans will ever get more content set in the rich Onward world, whether it’s another movie, Disney+ series, or anything else.

Up 2

Like WALL-E, Up is a great standalone movie, but Lauren210319 thinks there’s still room for a sequel. Where most Pixar fans generally turn their noses up at potential sequels, which is fair given that the studio is so great at creating original concepts, the Redditor thinks an Up 2 could still be original.

The user comments, “Maybe a more loose follow-up featuring an adult Russell going on his own adventure would work.” As the first 10 minutes of Up is the most emotional sequence in a Pixar movie, which is saying a lot, the sequel would undoubtedly double down on that, as it’d almost definitely feature a sequence surrounding Carl’s death.

The Good Dinosaur 2

The Good Dinosaur is unfairly overlooked in Pixar’s filmography, and TheRealMrWest thinks there should be a sequel. The Redditor asks, “I know that it didn’t do too well at the box office, but is there any chance of a sequel? I loved the movie and I don’t understand why others didn’t. It was such an emotional tale told so well.”

The film didn’t take full advantage of its concept, as the idea of the meteor not hitting the Earth and not wiping out the dinosaurs, which led to humans and the Mesozoic creatures living together, was great but underutilized. Instead of being set in the Paleolithic period, it could have been set in the modern day where humans have built civilization around dinosaurs. But it’s not too late to do that, as a sequel could be set thousands of years later.

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