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Aggretsuko Anime’s 5th, Final Season Launches on Netflix in February 2023 » Anime India

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2022)

Season 5, the final season of the anime “Aggressive Retsuko”, will be distributed exclusively by Netflix from February 2023. “Aggressive Retsuko” is an original anime featuring Sanrio’s character of the same name. A gag work depicting the daily life of Retsuko, a lesser panda who works as an office worker at a first-class trading company. 

In the final season, Haida, who quit her company and was kicked out of the apartment, meets a “Shikabane” who seems to have given up on everything. In order to save Haita, Retsuko starts living with her. At that time, a suspicious man claiming to be a member of the Diet comes to scout her Retsuko… Pay attention to where Retsuko and Haida are headed.

Source: Anime News Network

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