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Why Fiona Goode Has No Soul In American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven introduced Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange), the Supreme at the beginning of the series, who was later revealed to have no soul – and here’s why. The horror genre has not only had a successful run on the big screen in recent years but also on television, and one of the most popular TV series from this genre is American Horror Story. Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story has been going strong since its premiere in 2011 and continues to explore a variety of fears, settings, legends, and monsters, both human and supernatural.


As an anthology series, each season of American Horror Story serves as a miniseries, but as the show has evolved, different characters and events have been mentioned or featured in other seasons, creating an AHS connected universe. Each season, then, covers a different horror theme, setting, and fear or creature, such as a haunted house (Murder House), a hotel inhabited by vampires and ghosts (Hotel), and the many horrors that happened at a mental institution (Asylum). For its third season, American Horror Story explored different types of witchcraft in Coven, following the rise and fall of the Supreme, Fiona Goode, and how her actions affected those around her, including her daughter, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), and her enemy Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett).

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Fiona was the leader of the title coven and as such was the most powerful witch for many, many years, but she started losing her powers and youth as a new Supreme started to rise. This led her to try to make a deal with Papa Legba so he would make her immortal like Marie Laveau, but he told her it was not possible because she had no soul – what Fiona didn’t know, however, was that Marie was responsible for that.

How Marie Laveau Stole Fiona’s Soul In American Horror Story: Coven

Aside from looking to keep her youth and become immortal so she wouldn’t lose her place as Supreme, Fiona was doing what she could to keep her coven safe from witch hunters, and for that, she joined forces with Marie Laveau. As the Voodoo Queen helped Fiona recover after fainting during a ritual against the witch hunters, Marie told Fiona about her deal with Papa Legba, which is what had kept her alive and young for so long, and among the objects Marie was using, was a voodoo doll with Fiona’s hair attached to it. Later on, in that same episode, Fiona summoned Papa Legba to make a deal like Marie’s so she could become immortal, and part of the deal was taking her soul – however, Papa Legba let her know there was nothing to take as she had no soul. AHS: Coven didn’t explicitly explain why Fiona had no soul, which led to different theories about it, but the series actually showed why, though in a very subtle way.

Viewers have pointed out that the voodoo doll with Fiona’s hair was why she had no soul, as in various voodoo traditions, this is how a person’s soul is stolen or borrowed. Although Marie and Fiona were enemies, the former’s deal with Papa Legba was too heartbreaking, as it involved the sacrifice of an innocent soul – a baby. By taking Fiona’s soul, more so as she did it while she explained the process of making a deal with Papa Legba to Fiona, Marie was preventing her from making a big mistake, though ultimately, that didn’t save Fiona from suffering and hurting others. While American Horror Story: Coven isn’t a favorite among fans of the series, who consider it one of the show’s weakest seasons, it has details like the voodoo doll and Fiona’s soul that make the stories of the characters more interesting.

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