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Every Confirmed Rogue One Character Who Has Yet To Show Up

Andor made its explosive debut on Disney+ on September 21. With only 3 episodes out, some are already calling it the best Star Wars television series yet. The series has given the opportunity for the creatives to show a whole new era of Cassian Andor’s life and the Rebellion five years before the events of Rogue One.

As Andor explores more of the Empire and Rebellion in the years leading up to the attack on the Death Star, it’s no surprise that set photos, interviews, and leaks have revealed several characters from Rogue One that will be appearing in future episodes of Andor.


7 Death Troopers & Shoretroopers

Rogue One introduced new things from both the Rebellion and Empire, such as the inclusion of the U-Wing and the new trooper classes, Death Troopers and Shoretroopers. Specifically outfitted for tropical areas, Shoretroopers were stationed on the Empire’s secret base on Scarif. Death Troopers, on the other hand, are elite stormtroopers used for stealth and espionage, inspired by US Navy Seals.

Given that both of these types of troopers will appear, and that filming occurred at Canary Wharf Station (location for the interior of Scarif Base), per ComicBook, it’s very possible Andor will see the return of the Empire’s base of highly classified projects on Scarif.

6 Mon Mothma

After appearing in small roles in Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, Rebels, and Rogue One, Mon Mothma is set to be a key player in Andor. While she has become iconic in name, not much is known about Mon Mothma by fans.

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The series will explore her as she works as a double agent in the Imperial Senate while secretly working with the Rebel Alliance (as seen in the Andor trailer). Given their familiarity in Rogue One, Mon Mothma and Cassian will undoubtedly meet at some point in the series.

5 Saw Gerrera

Already confirmed to be in the cast thanks to trailers and promotional material, Saw Gerrera was once a great leader in the Rebellion until his controversial and radical beliefs made him clash with other leaders.

By the time of Rogue One, Gerrera has already parted with the Rebels and instead remains on Jedha with his Partisans. Hopefully, Andor will explain the events that occurred which led to Gerrera being a cyborg and essentially a recluse.

4 Orson Krennic

Widely considered to be the co-architect of the Death Star, Orson Krennic was instrumental in having the Death Star fully operational. While Grand Moff Tarkin eventually took the credit, Krennic was unceremoniously killed by his own creation on Scarif.

Reputable source TheDirect has exclusively revealed that Ben Mendelsohn will be returning to the role of Krennic in Andor. Given the timeline of the show, it makes perfect sense for him to appear. The Death Star would be in the final stages of its nearly 20-year construction.

3 Davits Draven

Introduced in Rogue One as Cassian’s no-nonsense superior officer, General Draven’s appearance in Andor makes a lot of sense. While the character has yet to be officially confirmed for the series, Draven actor Alistair Petrie accidentally let slip some details regarding his possible role in an interview.

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Speaking with InsideTheMagic, Petrie accidentally mentioned, “Oh, I would love to say something, but I can’t, I’ve signed an NDA or whatever. If the storytelling allows me to appear in it, then I would in a heartbeat because I love the personal and the possibilities of the stories they can tell around Diego’s character, so we’ll see.” If he weren’t involved, why would he be involved in an NDA? Hopefully, Andor will show how Cassian became a trusted ally of Draven.

2 Ruescott Melshi

Thanks to published set photos from Andor, fans now know that Duncan Pow, who played one of the Rebel pathfinders in Rogue One, will reprise his role as Ruescott Melshi in the series at some point.

While he originally only appeared in a fairly small supporting role, Melshi was no doubt one of the more memorable Rebel soldiers apart from the members of Rogue One, from the film. With Cassian seemingly being brought into some form of the rebel alliance at the end of episode three, characters like Melshi will surely be showing up soon.

1 Bail Organa

After a surprise return in both Rogue One and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor makes the most sense as the next project for Jimmy Smits to appear as Bail Organa.

CinemaBlendreports Jimmy Smits could appear in the show as he was in talks at some point. With the Imperial Senate being an important part of the story, Bail Organa will most likely cross paths with Mon Mothma, who can be seen in the Coruscant senate chamber in the show’s trailer.

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